Prayer, Plain and Simple

“God, if there is a place for hatred, it belongs here, now. The horror of the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut has silenced our words and enflamed our passion. We hate this, as do you. We are created in your image, and because you hate evil, so must we. You have given us this capacity for indignation and also the courage to resist wickedness when we see it. Evil in Newtown walked into a school and slaughtering helpless children.  Evil here was a young man. We hate what he has done. We are not ashamed to say it. We hate! We pray we can do so without hating this broken, perverted young man who has lived out this evil deed. Have mercy on his soul. Have mercy on us! We cannot know truth, whole truth and nothing but. But you can. You do. We release final judgments into your hands. We hate this evil and ask for the grace to forgive and love the one who has done it.”

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