Prayer, Plain and Simple


The Obama administration looked like the Three Stooges yesterday, badly misplaying the Egypt crisis. The U.S President and his team of dimwits appear to be far more confused about the course to take than embattled Mubarak himself. Obama foolishly took the bait tossed out yesterday suggesting that Mubarak would resign in his scheduled speech. U.S. officials then waded in to add public pressure that the Egyptian President step aside. The leaks were a ruse, and Obama was the one with pie on his face.

Who knows what today will bring in Egypt? Mubarak has flown from Cairo but the army has swung in behind his plan for a long succession process with Suleiman as acting president. The mass of protestors are enraged and preparing to march, but have been told by both administrative leaders and the military to disperse. Will the army move in to enforce this? Will the police redeploy?

The crisis has certainly been made worse – and more unpredictable – by the amateur buffoonery of Obama who has once again succeeded in diminishing U.S. influence in the region, this time not by his own public apology for America’s past sins but in miscalculating and deeply underestimating the shrewdness of a savvy old ally on the ropes of history…

“God, let your hand be the only outside strength guiding events in Egypt. Work your will, and hinder any other. Confuse the foolish counsel of any individual or nation arrogant enough to imagine that human wisdom can settle this matter. Lord, we need your diplomacy in the Middle East. We trust in your wise intervention and nothing more or less. In Jesus…”

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