Prayer, Plain and Simple

President Obama addresses the nation this evening from the Oval Office to announce the official end of the combat mission in Iraq. He will also discuss the United States’ future strategy in the Iraq.  After seven and a half years of war the U.S. military officially ended its combat operations today and has handed management of the nation to the Iraqis. 50,000 U.S. troops remain in the country to provide assistance to Iraqi security forces.

Still the work in Iraq is far from over. No stable government yet exists in the country and pockets of violence continue to disrupt the establishment of peace.

“God, we pray for Iraq and the Iraqi people. We pray for peace in this ancient but troubled land. We know that you have a destiny for this nation and her people. We know you have a purpose and plan to show your love and power and glory there. We humans can make a mess of the gift of life you give us. Still, you can work your goodness and blessing. In spite of the human-caused traumas in Iraq, we ask you would work your purposes there. Show these people your love and favor and the hope of eternal life with you! In Jesus…”

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