Prayer, Plain and Simple

California has a $20 billion budget deficit – ouch – which may be why Republican voters in the California primary election on Tuesday chose two financial wonderwomen to run for two huge statewide offices. Former eBay chief Meg Whitman won a decisive victory in the Republican primary for California governor – she’ll run against former governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown. And former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, won the GOP nod to go up against sitting U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) in November.

Both women poured millions of the own fortunes into their campaigns. Both promise fiscal responsibility and a no-nonsense frugality. But both face a huge uphill battle to challenge the entrenched political systems in Sacramento and in Washington. It’s not business as usual here and now. And what works in the boardroom doesn’t necessarily work in the halls of government.

I grew up in California. And honestly, it really is a dreamland of beauty and spirit. I now live in Minnesota, but I do get to travel to the golden state next week. California has always been a bellwether. As tough as things can get, California always seems to rise with a new hope and courage to lead real change. This spirit tends to lead the nation.

Today I’m praying for California and for her renewal and revival. Join me in some spiritual “California Dreamin’.”

“God, not all places on the planet are created equal. The land we now call ‘California’ got a double portion of blessing from your hand. A breathtaking coastline, a bountiful central valley, staggering mountains, deserts, abundant sunshine… This land has always attracted dreamers and pioneers looking for new start and a place to begin again. Today California is struggling. Many of her people are trapped in financial crises. There’s confusion and bitter partisanship in the governments of the State and counties and cities. Business is in recession there. God, we ask you to revisit California with you hand of blessing and peace and prosperity. Bring a wave of renewal not first economically, but spiritually. Wake up those who have a heart for you, to rise and seek your face. Begin a revival there, of hope and holiness and a desire to see your face. God, renew California and let them lead the way toward TRUE change across our nation. In Jesus…”

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