Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

Just Pray on the National Day of Prayer

This morning, I saw several Facebook status update about prayer because today is the National Day of Prayer. Everyone is encouraging each other to pray on this day which I think is a beautiful thing since leading up to today I felt as though there were factions of our nation doing anything but. There has been great controversy surrounding the National Day of Prayer and whether it violates the separation of church and state. People have been disinvited, groups have staged protests and everyone in general has been very argumentative, but very few people have assumed the correct position, the posture of prayer.

We shouldn’t just focus on prayer today because it is the National Day of Prayer. Everyday is a national day of prayer because our nation needs it. We shouldn’t look upon today as a particularly special day because man has set it in place as a day of prayer. God has set everyday as a day of prayer. Everyday there are millions of us in this nation who pray, a dispensation of those people are all praying to the same God, and a dispensation of that dispensation are praying on one accord to that same God. All we could ever hope for on this earth is for our prayers to be heard by God. But in order for them to be heard, we have to humble ourselves and turn from our own wicked ways, then He will hear from us. In order for them to be heard, we have to stop talking so much, arguing so much, focusing on being right so much and just pray.


So today and every day that God wakes us up and gives us the breath of life, we should take the opportunity to humble ourselves before Him, turn from our wicked, self-serving ways and pray, then God will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land. Today is the day we should learn to stop talking about prayer, because if the past few weeks have been any indication, it hasn’t made things any better. Today we just pray and know prayer doesn’t just change things, it changes people.

  • Sharon

    I believe it would be unconstitutional to not allow the National Day of Prayer. It is one of our fundamental rights under the Constitution
    Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    If they people don’t agree with the National Day of Prayer then the answer is simple – don’t participate! As a christian & spiritual woman I will continue to pray and practise my faith where ever I want//care to.

  • Debbie Lumas

    Just Pray on the National Day of Prayer in which prayer should be everyday in the life of a Christian! We all need to look to Our Heavenly Father who is the Maker and Creator of all things. May GOD add a blessing to everyone who reads this email. Debbie Lumas

  • Henry Massingale

    Lets do this, people feel so helpless to find a way to bring change into the hearts of our Government Officials. And Supreme Court Judges. As we move forward into a new area and the Laws against God and Country is still in effect, what shall we do ? What can we say ? Let Me share with you the W.O.R.D…..{ Worship Of Religion Day }, a decree…
    The separation of Church and State by Law,was for a purpose, and as it would seem its purpose has been violated. You see, people do not need to have permission for a day of prayer, or a moment of silence at school. The simple fact is Man is not in position to make Law against God. The United States Of America was built by men and women of faith. Every where we look from the dollar bill to the Flag to the Constitution, you will find God, and the WORD.
    When you take the Constitution, The Declaration Of Independence, and The Bill Of Rights. First you must admire the simplicity of the Trinity of Laws Of Protection, as they work as One, and at the same time they maintain their independence. These Laws / Guide Lines are in place for a good reason, and it is forbidden by Law to amend the above Laws to the misrepresentation of intent because those who do not have Faith.
    As these Government Officials go to Church on Sunday, do they pray to a God they do not believe in ?
    On page 20 at our site, line 10, you will see my in site, my belief. I ask you to unite with us and you do not need my permission to post with FASC Concepts, just do it and spread the WORD. I can not do this alone.
    10.We Bring forward the Trevor McKinney ACT into law , that this childs death has marked this Country for the lack of in site by laws created laws against God.
    Trevor McKinney was killed at school, a child killed by another child. Both so young that it allows you to see the vacuum created within schools, by a Law that states No Moment of Silence for a prayer at school.
    I have watched for over 40 years our children die, become lost to the drug world, and our Country torn apart by Laws from those of no faith.
    FASC Concepts in and for Pay it Forward covers the web see why we have become the largest web site in the United States, and we give our thank to the thousands of people who post by us, as one voice. on google , yahoo, and aol

  • Henry Massingale

    Now I am goin to interface you all with 10,00. other web sites inorder to complete the showing of failures of Government Officials to protect the Laws of Country, and faith for God and prayer, and all the way to 9/11 and the failure unseen and now the voices of all are being united in a goal…
    People fear letting Officials of Government take over the Health Care Program and the Dollars. Please, I have this little Health Care Bug In My Hands and this Health Care Dollar belongs to the People. Todays Health Care Programs is a complete failure because of the concepts of heroin made pills under a Health Care Concept and the FDA reported around 100,000 Americans dead.
    Now this Heroin has brought the United States into a War over drugs. “Post 9/11”…
    I will copy and paste this in all the reports hear at this blog site and others to interface all as one voice, but remember I seek truth and if there is a truth here and maybe linked to Purdue…….
    Lets just say all of this is true, and supported with News Reports by ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, and Official FBI investigations. I did note after 9/11 that the failures of of Home Banking Financing, And the cost of these failures was at the cost to Tax Payers. The crash of the Stock Market at $980 Billion dollars in one day disappeared and I do not remember the firm that lost the most invested dollars, but I think it was the AARP.
    At any rate this takes me right back to the 2 different attacks against the World Trade Center. Why this one Building ?
    Over a year ago I asked , why is there a hands off policy that prevents the destruction of the poppy fields. One year later I was still asking why ? I had no idea that Heroin was being sold in the USA as health care pills, for pain…..
    My whole concept with my Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire, went south and north and to what is now called the source. The Purdue Pharmaceutical Company, so please note this..
    1.OxyContin: The Giuliani Connection – The Blotter
    May 10, 2007 … The Web site for Giuliani Partners lists Purdue Pharma as one of its current … good oldE daddy warbucks just back from making money off 9/11 expands …. Drug companies started running all these TV ads in 1997 when the ……/oxycontin_the_g.html – Cached – Similar
    The Purdue Pharmaceutical Company, invested Billions of dollars into different companies through different sources, in order to cover the billions per month earned from selling heroin addiction. This is called a paper trail. These, hundreds of investments were done to launder this money in case of a addiction epidemic takes place in the United States. Now I am willing to bet, a name, a company name through this paper trail will lead to other insider trading and making money from the death of the People on 9/11.
    1.Eddie Vedder, Iraq War Vet Team Up For ‘No More’ Video – THINK MTV
    Mar 17, 2008 … Why is there a hands off policy that prevent the destruction of these poppy plants ? … Who are the investors of the Pharmaceutical Company Purdue that makes … Purdue is responsible for the deaths on 9/11 and the on going … built that wall and even as of today China makes money from that wall. ……/vedder_eddie.jhtml – Cached – Similar
    A lot of people handle this information carefully because they fear a link to Organizes Crime Figures in America. I assure you this, I am after one company that failed these Crime Figures, I am after the poppy fields and to end this Damn War Based on a lie, in part, of why we are at War. These Organized Crime Figures, from the Streets to the Families, do not want any part of this because it is a insult to the whole world of Man, and this Attack was a statement to pin point, of being betrayed within a deal made to sell Heroin.
    You do not make deals with the Family or Drug Lords and think because you may have the support of a Official of Government to back you up that you are safe.
    I will tell you all this one more time, I am dyslectic and because of this curse, I can see into the truth and lies of issues and People. I stay far from the connection of Man because of this curse, and I have never opened my mouth for over 30 to 40 years. Now I am in this Matrix, and I allow my mind to see that of which I do not wish to see.
    The Matrix of the Internet is buzzing as this truth unfolds before all of the People of the United States Of America. And All I wish for is to go back to work as a painter, and be within the hills of Tennessee, where I belong. My whole web site was built for President Obama, my love for all my children, my faith in God and Country.
    My mind is tired of seeing this world of betrayal because of a Dollar. And I am one of few to betray my Faith, I will use this Faith and this War has ended and the connection that all men and women sense to a past that is ancient in origin flows through this world as we look at the sky or a tree. My task is all most completed….
    Henry Massingale / FASC Concepts in and for Pay It Forward covers the web post on google Drop by and see why we built a anti crime / war form in a Health Care Reform Concept. To strategically Rebuild America on google look for page 1 american dream official site

  • Ross Haberern

    God’s greatest command is Forgiveness, through this one can learn to love find joy, attain peace and keep focused on the Hope we have in Jesus… We also can be a light unto the world!

  • Jeffrey Dowling

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