Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer for the National Day of Prayer

The Army may rescind a speaking invitation to evangelist Franklin Graham after Muslim members who have not forgiven him for his description of Islam as evil, complained to the Pentagon. Graham, the son of Billy Graham, was to appear at the Pentagon on May 6 for the National Day of Prayer. Gary Tallman, an Army spokesman said that Graham’s “presence at the event may be taken by some as inappropriate for a government agency.”

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation raised objection, citing Graham’s past criticism of Islam. Organizers of the National Day of Pray have defended Graham saying that U.S. leaders have called for a day of prayer during times of crisis since 1775. They believe that Christians have a right to pray at the Pentagon.


Let’s pray for Franklin Graham and the National Day of Prayer…

“God, we pray for the right to pray. We pray for the preservation of our National Day of Prayer. We pray for Franklin Graham and for all those organizing this event. God we need you and we need prayer. We seek your grace and courage and power to continue a life of pray. It is in prayer that we recognize our need for your goodness, favor, correction, guidance and healing. We admit that we are a proud people and that we often attempt to walk under our own strength. The National Day of Prayer is our public acknowledgement of our deepest need. We need you and we need your favor, especially expressed at a place like the Pentagon. As strong as our military may be, we ultimately need your protection and we finally depend on you for safety and care. We come before you because without you we fail. In Jesus…”  

  • Bronzi

    I won’t get into who’s right and who’s wrong. But what I will say is that no one has the right to criticise anyones religious beliefs. It is just plain wrong. Although I do agree we should have a national prayer day for all religious beliefs. It should be for everyone.

  • Sasha

    “But what I will say is that no one has the right to criticise anyones religious beliefs. It is just plain wrong.”
    It isn’t wrong to criticize religion. Religion has no special rights, especially when it is used to denigate women, gays, science and when it threatens non-believers with hellfire.
    We criticize all things in life. Politics, science, art, restaurants. Why not religion? It’s because religon is false and cannot withstand criticism, that is why they don’t want us to criticize it.

  • Justin

    Calling an entire religion “very wicked and evil” will necessarily lead to dehumanizing its members. Graham’s comment about “carbombs” shows that he knows absolutely nothing about contemporary Islam and Muslim socities or the neo-colonial policies under which Muslims suffer. He is simply repeating false, dehumanizing stereotypes. His cruel attack on Muslims only supports radical fundamentalists on all sides who believe America is or should be at war with all of Islam. He is not a man of peace. He should be banned from the Pentagon.

  • James Hipps

    @ Sasha
    I couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you!

  • nancy

    TheRev Graham is a fine pastor and is a fine spokesman for our country.we are getting to pc

  • Grady

    I can’t believe the current thought of some in this nation…what is it going to take to get some of you to wake up? Wether you are a Christian or not, you need to realize this nation is moving so far away from its core values and founding priciples that we are losing our nation and God given rights. Throw a frog in boiling water, he hops out. Put a frog in water and slowly turn up the heat, he boils to death.

  • Teo

    If everyone were to use simple arithmetic, they would know if their actions or results were harmful or good……
    That which subtracts or divides, advances the goals of darkness.
    That which adds or multiples, are the rewards and gifts for following the path of Light……
    So ask yourself – what are end results of my actions?
    Do they add to understanding, or subtract from trust?
    Do they multiply cooperation between people, or do they divide and widen cultural rifts?
    On the final Day, will I be judged by the standards GOD has shown me, or will it by by the standards I created during my lifetime ……..

  • Glenn

    As long as we don’t offend someone! Man, I know that I am NOT alone when i say I am more than sick of all this mind numbing “Political Correctness”! How about the Truth? Doesn’t the truth mean ANYTHING to you people? It IS an evil and hate filled religion and their core principles call for the outright MURDER of those that disagree with their brand of religion. Are all of you in denial? WAKE UP!

  • Glenn

    I am looking at one of the posts above, it comes from an obvious gay man who is defending Islam supporting a ban on The Rev.Graham. His email is! How does any Gay person come to defend Islam? Under Shariah law the same Gay man would be summarily executed for being gay. Christian principals go against the gay lifestyle, yes, but do not advocate killing them for being gay. A Christian(real)still loves the person, even though they go against christian teachings, the bible teaches that ALL sins can be forgiven, lives CAN be turned around and one of the main facets of our belief is that we are to “love our neighbor as we love ourselves” Visit those in prison, help the sick to get well, take care of each other. NONE of us are anywhere near perfect, I struggle everyday with my own issues and problems but by faith I know I will be forgiven and THAT give us ALL hope.

  • Benito Esquivel

    I personally believe from the bottom of my heart & soul,.. that “PRAYER”,..besides the “ARK-OF-THE-COVENENT”,..are DIRECT-COMMUNICATION-TOOLS,..(or means),..of MAN being able to COMMUNICATE directly with our ALMIGHTY-HEAVENLY-FATHER!!{GOD}In order for MAN to increase his “FAITH” & grow closer to GOD,.. he must continually & consistently apply “PRAYER” to his daily-Life!!! Nothing,..ABSOLUTELY,..NOTHING of this EARTH,..even MAN’S INADEQUACY to comprehend,..understand,..or ,relate to one another,..including “RELIGIOUS” FUNDAMENTALISM,..DIFFERENCES should HINDER,..or OBSTRUCT this INVALUABLE-PRICELESS-GIFT,..endowed & bestowed upon us.(as well as each & everyone of us) by the “HEAVENLY-CREATOR”!!! YOU all need to stop with the “MAN-MADE-SENTAMENTALISM”,..& start “FOCUSING” on the real-OBJECTIVE,..& Stay Truly-Focused on matters of our “TRUE-EXISTENCE”as they are “PRESCRIBED” to us by “HEAVENLY-PROTOCOL”,by our LOVING,HEAVENLY,OMNIPOTENT,FATHER who ~ETERNALLY-LOVES-US!!~ like no other!!whether we like it,..or not?? God-Bless you all & hopefully one Day in the FUTURE we will TRULY have “NATIONAL-PRAYER-DAY”,.. everyday on a “GLOBAL-UNIFIED-FASHION” AMEN,…

  • Boris

    “Prayers may bring solace to the sap, the bigot, the ignorant, the aboriginal, and the lazy – but it is the same as asking Santa Claus to bring you something for Christmas.” – W.C. Fields

  • Kavita Williams

    I thought the Bible also said love thy enemy and pray for them.Is this true?

  • Eileen Hirota

    As a child of Buddhist parents, I have had the opportunity to study and compare religions around the world. I thank my “New Testament” class at Drake University that have lead me to believe that Jesus was guiding me all that time in college and lead me back home in Hawaii to do our Lord’s work. After reading the Bible, I don’t care to read any other religious book. Those non-religious people who are seeking their religion should take classes and educate themselves in reading the Bible as well as the Koran. I don’t need any other book to help me understand the LOVE of GOD through Jesus Christ. I only need the BIBLE!! I wonder if muslims are allowed to read the Bible? I am a Christian, first, then an American and finally a Japanese. I am proud to be a CHRISTIAN.

  • Kay

    My prayer: “God, bring Christians to their knees and back to You.” Only then can we ask You to heal our land.

  • Ginger

    Most seem to look at the world as if were scared, and worry if were offending anyone, well Im greatly offended by the way the world is trying to tell me who and what I can do with my freedom. I know its sounds like “Well if they can do it, so can I” kinda tantrum. WELL guess what it is. If they can go around saying that Christians offend them, I sure can go around saying the world offends me. I want the same kind of rights to be able to express in who and in what I believe in. We need to become a God fearing nation and stand up to what we believe in and not be ashamed. Didnt God say if your ashamed of me, that he will ashamed of you??? I know im tired of God being ashamed of me. Please pray today for this nation that God will put His mighty hand upon it and have His will with it.

  • osazee osifo

    i love this, prayer is very needful to our lives so with our nations, even as the lord prayer, in luke 11, and paslm 122, true many yoke as be brck, doors of faovr has open amen.
    i believe this that prayer has a lot to do for our nations: so we all are hoping to the prayer of love that will hold us to gether in peace, so that evrey religions will live for peace.
    in Jesus name amen.


    this prayer is so true.if we ever needed to pray,the time is at hand.troubles have almost consumed this entire world.I PRAISE GOD for yet having prayer warriors.

  • carrie

    heavenly Father, this morning i pray for strength for everyone that is praying on this day of national prater. for wisdom for spiritual kknowledge and understandig for us all. I pray for universal LOVE that we would cotinue to pray foreach other not just on this day .I pray for our President that you would protect him and his family from danger that he may complete his assignment. Father we give you Praise. I pray for every child, teacher,principle counselos,pastor,church family,mother,father. Keep us in your care and we will forever give you AL PRAISE

  • Michael Alender

    I love this as well. This nation, U.S.A, was established based on the word of God which passes all understanding. Now, it’s based on weather or not worshiping God offends anyone. I shutter to think what God says about this nation. The land of the free and the home of the brave yet, we have sold our freedom and bravery to the works of self righteousness. Jesus said ” in this world we will have trials and tribulations but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world” John 16:33. Lets pray that all christians who really love God enough to stand up for the word of God when necessary will stay steadfast in the faith and continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the ONLY WAY to salvation.

  • Clara

    Father, we your people come humbly before you on this another day that you have allowed us to be a part of. We humbly submitt our will to you, and say thank you for your grace and mercy, that through the blood of your precious Son, Jesus Christ, has been extended to us.We thank you for His obedience and love for you that He willingly took on the cross that we would not have to endure it. We thank you for our president and all those that work faithfully beside him. Let them run our nation under your leadership, not man’s. Let every decission made be bought before you before anything is finalized. Let prayer be first and foremost in their lives, any that can not submitt to your will remove them. Bless their families. Father bless every leader and born again christian, submitted to your will as we go about our daily adventures, giving all the praise to you for all things. Let our decissions be your decissions be your decissions. Let us love and honor everyone, as you Father are love, let us show that love by the way we treat our fellowman. Your word say’s ” With love and kindness have I drawn thee” let this be our daily goal to love and draw someone that is lost, hurting, not knowing which direction to take, to you Father. Let your people that are called by your name, humble themselves and pray, seek your face and turn from their wicked ways so that you can forgive their sins and heal our land. Your word is true and will not come back void. You are a light unto our path, let us be a light for others, and we will always give all the glory to you. We give you the highst praise “Hallelujah” to you Father. Bless all that took the time to say thank you and offer partitions in your Son, Jesus Christ name. I praise you and I love you Amen

  • Wanda Williams

    I Love this prayer. We have become lazy christians not going out into the world and witnessing and sharing the love of God.The worst thing that can happen to us is that He turns His back on us as we have Him!!! We are to concerned with what others will think of us rather than trying to please our Heavenly Father. “Therefore you also be ready for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect”! Matthew 24:44 Matthew 24 is a good read!!!!! May God have mercy on the USA

  • mary haddock

    i pray that people will put “GOD” back in” AMERICA” we are going to hell in a hand basket,we need to take a look at advents that are happening around us.when we throw GOD out,we will suffer.i pray god will take control.

  • Kathryn houck

    Dear lord I hope all the ppl in the world will pray for at least one person in this world.I would love to pray for all the ppl who have lost love ones in the war.I also would love to pray for the miners familys.may god bless them and may we hold them in our hearts and prayers.I ask this in jesus name

  • Norma Tyson


  • Machelle Thomas

    Dear Lord I thank you so much in your Son and also in the Holy spirit.To be able to come together with all of God’s people in prayer for our Christian sisters and brothers.Those who are lost souls who need to follow and take up the knowledge with Jesus Christ carrying his cross.I am so honor to be able to be included into this National Day of Prayer.I will always remember this important event and look forward to it each year.Amen

  • Patricia A. Thompson

    It is so interesting how many would deny the Christian foundation of this nation. How the idea that ‘one nation under GOD’ is so offensive to so many. Our GOD knows of our imperfections and will forgive us when we’re repentant. Why must we respect the ways of man before we give honor to GOD. Why must we pay homage to leaders of another belief system by not paying homage to our own? This is not the way of true believers, everyone knows this. Our governing policies should not put other people’s values before it’s own, and our own should respect it’s foundational system as real. I pray for our nation’s people to receive revelational knowledge and glorious forgiveness of our shortcomings.

  • patricia causey

    dear lord i am praying for a girlwho is 54 yrs. old she has bone cancer+is way to young to end her life please protect her guide her love her+ let her have no pain + also lord i am praying for my wholefamily please god love and protect them amen
    patricia causey

  • Clara

    Father, God, as we end this day, removing ourselves from the cares of this day, a day we had never seen before and will never see again, I say first of all I love you, you are the center of my joy and my life.I thank you that because your Son Jesus, my intercessor, made this all possible, I can come bodly before your throne and thank you for all that took time today to give you praise and pray for our families, our leaders, those in authority and our nation. I pray that we ill continue to praise you and pray for our nation,not just on this day because it has been designated for a day to pray for the nation, but we will make this our daily prayer. Remembering the sick, lost,breaved, those in jail and prison, hospitals and nursing home, institutations and safe houses, homeless and heart broken. Let us remember “if not for the grace of God, there goes me”. Any of these situtations can come upon us, we must stay grounded and rooted in the word. Let us walk in love, turn the other cheek when necessary, owe no man nothing but love. Say what you say, and you will say what we say.Should your grace and mercy allow us to see tomorrow, no matter what the condition,let us remember to give you the praise, in all things give thanks for this is the perfect will of God.I love you and I give you all the praise in your precious Son Jesus Christ name. Amen, amen, and amen

  • Elizabeth Martinez

    On this National Day of Prayer I pray for our country. May He have mercy on us and forgive us our sins. May we be called by His Name and may we humble our selves, turn form our wicked ways and seek His Face so that He will forgive our sins and heal our land. I JESSUS PRECIOUS NAME I ASK. AMEN AND AMEN.

  • pamelia bush

    How come People of other faiths, religions, and beliefs, can publicly worship their gods and idols and get away with it? But as for the true believers of The One and only real living God have to fight for our rights to our beliefs our faith and etc. Why don’t we have the same rights? That is what our forefathers established here in America Our freedom to religion, our freedom of speech, to live in the land o f the free, and the home of the brave! America wake up!!! if we don’t then God Will not Bless America, but curse it!!! wso, may God continue to Bless the U.S.A.

  • dolores delgado

    i pray that all remember that their are those who choose not acknowledge that our lord died for our sins and loves more than anything and they not wait to long to accept him for were not promise tomorrow,only today and that our loved ones that arent saved see what is the easiest thing in front of them and the lord loves uncondionally weather right or wrong but we are accountable for our own sins and we must all akwnowlage the god is lord amen.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Chaplain James Martin

    Scarcely one needs to comment on the dire condition of our world. Thus, time wasted in bickering or contention profits very little. No one can change my conviction about my faith; and faith dilegently urges me love my neighbor. It does not say anything about my neighbors’s believes. Moreover, it also directs me to go two miles with my neighbor when asks only for one mile. But more, it seems to indicate that my neighbor is not necessarily the person living next to me; actually, everyone I come in contact with. The clencher it this: “Love your neighbor as yourself, and pray for those hate you and persecute you…”
    So, God of many names, help all your children around the world to pray. Amen

  • Ross Haberern

    May our souls reach our hearts and the love reach our mouths….Each and every earthly human being needs a “thank you” and “words of encouragement”, this is what the “church” (people of God) is all about.

    • MarkandJill

      Amen, Ross. May the Lord make us truly grateful! And may we express that gratitude both to others and to God!

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