Prayer, Plain and Simple

The “Christian Warriors” are not… NOT Christian…

The nine members of this anti-government militia group charged Monday with conspiring to kill a law-enforcement officer in an effort to start a “war” against the U.S. government are NOT Jesus-Followers. Plain and simple, they are “fruitcake-lugnut-apocalyptic-extremists” and true disciples of Jesus should boldly disavow any connection with their wackiness. I do.     

“God, you love goodness and hate evil. And those generate evil in the false pretense of fighting it are themselves your enemies. God, your name is “Shalom.” Yes, it is true that right must fight, but the weapons of our warfare are not the weapons of this world. At times we must resist evil in physical and tangible ways, but we are never to be driven by fear or the false imaginations of our conspiracies. We trust you and we stand in rest and peace, with prayer and faith. Expose the lies of those who use your name to perpetrate anger and division and violence. And in the place of lies bring your truth and your supernatural love and the power of your grace… In Jesus.”

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