Prayer, Plain and Simple

Brit Hume has chutzpah, gotta give him that.

If you haven’t heard, Hume recently challenged Tiger Woods to replace his Buddhism – which he claims doesn’t offer true atonement and forgiveness – with Christianity – which he says does offer atonement and forgiveness. Woods, says Hume needs a new path. The PC crowd has gone ballistic. Of all the nerve – to claim that one religion might be better than another!

Truth be told, Hume is right. Buddhism does offer salvation, but it might come only after a rigorous journey and a few million incarnations. Christianity on the other hand offers grace, now and for free in the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth.

I’ve tackled this question of atonement myself in my book “The Karma of Jesus.” Check out my website and the book itself and let’s square off on this one!


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