Prayer, Plain and Simple


Karma’s a bitch… Unyielding. Relentless. Unflinching. Pure and absolute justice. If Karma matters, I’m doomed, dead, and damned.

But for Jesus… Jesus became the toxic waste dump of the universe.

I give him my Karma, and he suffers in my place.

Then he gives me his Karma – infinite goodness, purity, joy, peace, and the gift of living forever.

I dump my Karma on Jesus; he dumps his on me. I’ll take that exchange!

How does this transaction happen? I only need to ask…

“Jesus, I’ve made poor choices that have hurt others and myself. I’ve done deeds that have created damaging outcomes. I’ve avoiding other things that would have bettered the world and my own soul. I’ve left my mark, and it hasn’t been all positive. I’m responsible for these actions and inactions. When the accounts of the universe are balanced, I will stand bankrupt. Try as I might, I will never succeed in clearing my name. I need a help, your help. Jesus, you offer to take my debt, to bear my Karma, and give me in exchange the consequences of your perfect life. I’m asking now that this gracious offer would be applied to me. I give you my life and receive in return your virtue. You accept me; I accept you. Come and live your life through me.”


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