Prayer, Plain and Simple

Wow, earn Karma for window shopping! What a concept: turn your life around with charitable consumerism.

Here’s how it’s suppose to work: CauseWorld is offering a free location-based application for the Apple iPhone and Android phones that allows you to gain points, or “Karmas” by walking into a store. You can get these “Karmas” at nearly all retailers. All you have to do is walk in, and check-in. For checking into a store you get “10 Karmas.” Once you receive your “Karmas” you can be donate them to support charity. Retailers fund this process because, of course, they know that we go through the door, even for a benevolent cause, we’re likely to buy something.

How alluring… Karma in exchange for good deeds, and a better life for you and me in exchange for good Karma. That’s the way the math of the universe is supposed to work.

But is it that simple? Can we counterbalance all the screwups we’ve managed by simply doing a few good deeds?

I don’t think it’s that easy. Here’s my take:

I’ve also written about this in my book, The Karma of Jesus. You can even download a free audio version of the book at  

What do you think? Is Karma exchangeable for better life? Share your thoughts…  

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