Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer for the Drug War in Juarez

Drug violence in Juarez, Mexico, just across the border from El Paso, Texas, is exploding into a war. So far this month, nearly 100 people have been killed. The death toll for 2009 stands at 2,000, more than 200 per month. Juarez now holds the pitiable title, “deadliest city in the world.”

I know Juarez. Our church has a strategic alliance with a Christian ministry that runs an orphanage, school and church in the heart of the city. In years past we have sent youth and young adult teams to work there. Our family spent a Spring break in Juarez with a few of the children who have become victims in the wake of the tumultuous living conditions of this border metropolis. We received far more than we gave!


Now Juarez is in chaos. Streets are eerily empty at night and the corridors are filled with Mexican troops trying in vain to keep the peace. Eight thousand soldiers have flooded the city, to no avail. Every night victims have been found hanging from bridges, gunned down in vehicles, and left on street corners, bound and gagged with their throats slashed. Many victims are bystanders in the wrong place. But most are low level operators of the two feuding drug cartels: the Juarez Cartel and the El Chapo Guzman Cartel.

Let’s pray for the peace of Juarez. Prayer matters. God cares. Let’s join this war for peace and an end to the violence and the sources of violence there with the best and most effective weapon there is!


“God, you are a God of peace. You hate violence and injustice. We ask you now to intervene in this horrible drug war in Juarez. We ask you to embolden the Mexican and U.S. officials dealing with this crisis. Give them miraculous insight to deploy their resources in the right places at the right times. Protect soldiers and police officers in this battle. Protect the innocent as well. We pray for the young men and women pulled – often by threats to their own families – into joining these gangs. Give them ways to escape. Give them hope and protection. God, bring judgment on the greed driven leaders of the Juarez Cartel and the El Chap Guzman Cartel. Help officials to find and arrest them soon. And God, forgive us as Americans for fostering an environment that drives the demand for these drugs. Break the grip of drug addiction in our nation. Give strength to those working with those addicted to chemicals. Deliver us from this evil and in the course and deliver cities like Juarez from the plight of the violence driven by our demand to find ways – other than dependence on you – to escape the pain of our lives. We pray this in Jesus…” 


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  • Jillian

    ..we ask you to help us gather together to demand an end to the federal marijuana prohibition. We ask for help in demanding the right to commercially produce and sell Your plant to adults so that we may undercut the cartels and eliminate their marijuana incomes. We know that two-thirds of the cartels’ incomes come from selling marijuana in the U.S. and we know that eliminating this income will END their incentive and ability to continue these brutal and horrific murders. Please Lord give us the strength to talk to each other and to our legislators so that we may quickly bring the prohibition to an end and save the lives of thousands of children and innocent people.

  • Nick MGill

    God, we ask that you allow the leaders to use their brains, not bullets, to end this (and all other) wars. Decriminilization, regulation and taxation will stop the profits of the cartels, lower the sale of weapons, ammo, and slow the growth of prison industries. The harms resulting from drug use can be greatly reduced, and social situations can be improved so that fewer people desire and turn to drugs in the first place.

  • Titus

    I pray to the Gnostic Christ to stop God(The Demiurge) and his evil drug war, and to enlighten the deluded so-called christians to the US history of Prohibition. Let them see that it didn’t work then, and it doesn’t work now. And please enlighten the Demiurge worshippers on the new dispensation of love and peace, so they can finally stop making everyone else suffer for their pitiful excuse of a sour and violence driven theology.
    By the Holy Ghost, the Divine Sophia, and through the Gnostic Christ we pray.

  • CelesteC

    I wonder how many people have been killed along the Canadian border — probably NONE — so can someone explain to me why President Obama is removing 384 border patrol agents from the Mexican border and sending them to the Canadian border instead? Could it actually be so that more illegal Mexicans can sneak in, then when Obama gives them all amnesty and makes the illegals legal, he will have millions more needed votes for his re-election. He has already told the illegals here that in order to cover them with Obamacare, he will do what he has to do to make them legal! Pray for our country!!!

  • June

    My dear Celeste C. It sounds like you really have a hatred towards President Obama and illegal Mexicans. Do try to think back before President Obama became president. Under President Bush millions came into America. You can maybe say the same for Bush. But, yet we had many come in 30, 40, 50 years before to work. Farmers needed them to work. They also protected and covered for them. Be angry with the Farmers and companies who needed workers. Our government from the past. Lets face it, WE here in the USA don’t like to work for peanuts. With this economy right now I’m sure WE are all fighting to work for anything even if it’s peanuts. Let us not forget that those people who came here years ago had children who were born here and are US citizens. Many are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kuwait fighting for YOU and ME. If you read back in the beginning of this war there were I believe four Mexican who were in our military and got killed. President Bush upon their deaths made them United States Citizens even their families for their sacrifice. My German grandfather escaped Germany. I am a US born citizen. There are many Illegal’s here in the US. Let me break it down to you. Germans, French, Koreans, Africans, Indians, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnams, Cubans, and those from South America etc. etc. of what I know. It just took one person to get a working pass and they somehow snuck their families in a little at a time throughout those many years. I understand your concerns. When I was In Fort Bragg I went to a Special Forces graduation. One young man from Mexico came here to study and train. I took a picture of him, my nephew and two others. The next day he was heading back to Mexico City where he was going to be assigned to the borders of Mexico and Guatemala. Reason? Fight drugs, drugs, drugs…It’s a problem there to. I’ve worked in third world countries. When in Mexico, I questioned about the drug problem. I can say they shut me up! Their response was, if it wasn’t for the NEED. And you know Celeste, they’re right. We think the drugs are going to all our youth. You would be surprised who are needing, wanting, buying these drugs. We’re talking about, Doctors, nurses, lawyers, business people, police, teachers, sports people, celebrity people, politicians, church people, Dads, Moms, grandparents, uncles, cousins, kids/children, your neighbor, maybe you. I’m not saying all people in these professions are doing it, but that is where the need is. Think, millions of people in States vote. AND the marijuana bill still passes. Why? That tells me we have more people doing it than those who do not. The problems we have in the US/Mexico borders and the same as US/Canada. Corruption is mixed in all levels of life.
    Canada is one of 40 members of the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, where experts from around the world gather to discuss ways to tackle global and emerging crime issues, such as urban crime, gangs, sexual exploitation of children, criminal justice reform and trafficking in persons. Canada’s international profile on economic crime has also become more prominent given our role in chairing the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which provides the global standard for money laundering.
    At a regional level, Canada contributes to ongoing dialogues on organized crime at fora such as the G8, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the Organization for American States. Security in the hemisphere continues to be a priority. The illicit drug trade fuels organized crime networks, money laundering, corruption and other manifestations of transnational organized crime. Canada has worked with our partners to develop tools to combat these emerging transnational organized crime issues in the hemisphere, including through the negotiation of a Hemispheric Plan of Action Against Transnational Organized Crime, which was finalized in October 2006.
    Bilateral cooperation with the US on transnational organized crime is pursued through a myriad of bilateral mechanisms, including the Cross Border Crime Forum. A bilateral assessment related to trafficking in persons was released in November 2006. (Web link). Efforts are being made to trilateralize some activities with Mexico under the auspices of the Security and Prosperity Partnership.
    You see my dear Celeste, we’re getting it from both ends. Sending people there is just as important. We need to pray for these men and woman who are in the front lines protecting us. Would volunteer to go there? This is NOT a political move for votes. This is for our safety, our kids, family, yours and my future. I’ve seen the violence up close. Just this year. My daughter-in-law’s uncle was kidnapped. Their demand was a quarter of a million ransom. He was killed, left dead. A priest at our mission is blessed to be alive today. He had no money. He was left for dead. Tortured for days, no food and water. Nope, there is nothing political to gain from this kind of evil. And it is EVIL…

  • Brian Kerr

    As a LEAP member (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) I support the legalization and regulation of all drugs. To control their use and remove this market from Organized Crime. Harm reduction is the only logical and peaceful approach to drugs. Prohibition is the cause of most of the negative aspects to drug use not drugs them selves.
    For further education and information on the War on Drug Users please visit

  • r4 dsi

    Making prayer to god is good for us to make peace in mind and gatting wish from the god.But to making wish to help other is so good and this type of prayer is always listen by the god.
    r4 dsi

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