Prayer, Plain and Simple

Each day this month we’ve been posting one prayer for our children and their education. They have just begun school and this is a great time to send them off with our blessing. God cares about our children and their practical lives, their health, their learning, their relationships. Below I have included a prayer for each of the remaining days of the month:


September 15: Lord, without your help we are helpless, so as parents, be our guide as to how we can best communicate and encourage our teachers.


September 16: Lord, you love children, help the adults who come in contact with our students to see them the way you see them.


September 17: Lord of healing and health protect our school from the outbreak of communicable diseases.


September 18: God you love to communicate help the administrators to communicate like you would when dealing with sensitive issues between teachers and parents.


September 19: Lord, we ask your favor and blessing for this school.


September 20: God, we know we can trust you, so we ask you to have your way with this school, your agenda not ours.


September 21: Lord, hear our prayer as we ask for your mercy and grace as we get in the way of what you want to do at this school.


September 22: Lord, you are a God of Peace. Create and environment of discipline and order in our school.


September 23: God, your presence generates calm and confidence. Quiet the hearts of any troubled students and give them your peace.


September 24: God, you guard us physically, emotionally, spiritually. Create a safe and peaceful atmosphere in this school and shield everyone from any threats of violence.


September 25: God, you are a healer. Isolate and eliminate the spread of cold and flu viruses in this school. Give the staff wisdom to protect the health of students.  


September 26: God, you are the source of all wisdom and knowledge. Bless the learning process in each classroom. Give each teacher a renewed passion for his/her subject and creative ideas for lesson plans. Give them insight to know how to help each student understand and learn.


September 27: Father, you are our true father. Bless the families represented in this school. Shield each student from any dangers in their home, and bring them all to complete emotional health.


Question: Are you seeing in responses to your prayers for your children? Let us know…

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