Prayer, Plain and Simple

As some of you may know, or not, Beliefnet has a community that operates like a social netowrk for believers of all stripes. One of the most robust parts of the community are our prayer circles where users are invited to submit their prayer requests and people are welcome to submit their prayers in response to those prayer requests.
Once a week on this blog, we will highlight prayers from the community based on a theme we have seen throughout the requests. We invite you, our readers, to pray for these community members and submit your own prayers. We hope this will build up a powerful energy that will create breakthroughs in the lives of people all across the world.

This week’s prayer circle roundup is based on prayers about relationships submitted by community members. Please join us in prayer.

My wife has battled depression and poor treatment from me. Over the past year, I have changed dramatically. She is unable or unwilling to tear down the wall I helped her build. I pray that the marriage can survive

Pray for healing and reconciliation in my relationship. He is currently seeing another woman and I pray for that to end and he return to me with his love and fidelity and to work out our issues so that we can be married
Her husband betrayed their marriage and had an affair with another woman 2 yrs ago and wanted to leave her when their newborn was only 2 weeks old. Now, he’s bringing up the subject again. She’s in turmoil
I just need another chance I know what needs to be changed and I know what needs to be stopped. Lord, I’m ready. Give me another chance. This pain has yet to go away
I’m really depressed about the loss of a relationship and am having a hard time staying strong and keeping the faith. I loved him so much and it hurts so bad.
Please pray that my wife turn to God and be converted, has a change of heart, love me and reconcile our marriage.

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