Prayer, Plain and Simple

Early on Saturday morning, a MercyMe tour bus going through a greenlight collided with a car that suddenly made a left turn. Three of the passengers in the car, Barbara Schmucker, 17, her boyfriend Dario Boutte, 19, and the baby of the pregnant driver, Kara Klinker, 18, died. Klinker is in critical condition. No one on the MercyMe bus was hurt. We ask you to join us in prayer for the Schmucker and Klinker families and the members of MercyMe along with all of those who were on the tour bus.

Heavenly Father,

I ask that you would be with the families of Barbara Schmucker, Dario Boutte and Kara Klinker as they grieve their respective losses. Comfort them in their time of mourning and let their weeping endure for the night but their joy come in the morning. May the families be empowered to keep going by the memories of their loved ones. Be at the bedside of Kara Klinker as she is in critical condition. Heal the wounds of her womb and ease the pain that she is experiencing. Speak into her life and let her know that this is not the end. Let her know there is hope in you. I also pray for everyone who was on the MercyMe tour bus and the members of MercyMe. I know it must be painful to watch young lives pass away and I pray that you would comfort them. Help the memory not haunt them in discouragement, but let it become a part of their ministry. For every person involved in this tragedy, I pray your strength be upon their lives. For any need that I have not prayed for, you already know it God. Attend to the needs of your children. May all hearts turn to you in prayer.

In Jesus’ Name,


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