Prayer, Plain and Simple

Either way, we’re doomed to failure!

Go figure. In the last 12 hours I’ve had conversations with two friends; both are in way over their heads; both are struggling with their jobs and businesses; both are desperate for God; each is in virtually the OPPOSITE situation.

My first friend has been a successful business consultant for years. He’s good at what he does. But the economic crisis of the last few months has been brutal on his bottom line. In short, he’s broke and in need of work. He’s been responsible and diligent. But the economy has made it really hard. He’s struggling to pay the bills. This last week he and his wife asked Jill (my wife) and me to pray. We have, and they are at the end of their rope… Good news: just a couple days ago my friend landed a contract that will carry them through. Was this the answer to prayer or just a coincidence? Who knows? We’re all thanking God never the less.

My second friend is in an opposite crisis. His printing business has grown so fast he can’t deliver all his orders. He has business deals coming in one atop the other, and now his 16 hour a day work load is beating him down physically and emotionally. He wasn’t ready to handle this success. He’s in over his head. A week ago my friend sat down and cried out to God, really for the first time in his life. He admitted to God that he couldn’t do this on his own.

Interesting… In both failure and success we need God. And both conditions lead us to the ultimate conclusion that in life we’re doomed to failure. As I said earlier, I think this is how God intends it. He sets us up so that life can’t be lived without partnership withg him. Is this manipulative?

Well, call it what you will; it’s reality. Fact is, prayer becomes our doorway to the ONE relationship that ultimately matters in the most practical way.

Question: Are you out of options? Out of a job? Out of answers? Are you over your head? In this current economy I’m sure many of us are under pressures we can’t handle. Is prayer a copout or a way out? Here’s a challenge: If you’re struggling financially, share that need here and we can muster some prayer support. God hears and responds. Likewise, if you’re over your head with added responsibilities and “success” you need prayer as well. Share those needs here and we can pray for you as well.

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