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Yesterday afternoon, a Long Island woman by the name of Diane Schuler, had been driving–unbeknownst to her–in the wrong direction for two miles before her minivan collided into an S.U.V killing eight people and injuring three. Though this is a NY-based accident, I want to draw EVERYONE’S attention to it because this situation desires our prayers. Prayer for the affected families: Shuler’s brother who she called had three children who were killed in the accident. The Bastardi and Longo family who were in the S.U.V that Shuler hit and the Tallarico family who sustained injuries as well in this accident. Join us in prayer:

Heavenly Father,

It is with a heavy heart that I come to you in prayer for every family that was affected by yesterday’s accident on the Taconic State Parkway. I send up prayers for the Schuler family who lost several loved ones. It is my prayer that Diane Schuler, Erin Schuler, Kate Hance, Alison Hance, Emma Hance, Michael Bastardi, Guy Bastardi, and Daniel Longo are all safe in your arms right now. And as being such I pray that you would comfort their families and let them know in your way that their loved ones are safe. You are the God of all comfort so let that comfort be known to the families who are in pain. You are the God that heals stitch by stitch, so I claim healing for Angela and Dean Tallarico and Brian Schuler. And though Brian will be without his mother, may he never be without your love and the love of his family and friends. God, as hard as it is to say, you are still sovereign in this situation. May all affected families put their trust in you, find their comfort in you, and seek your face at this time. Let all hearts turn toward you in prayer.

In Jesus Name,



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