Prayer, Plain and Simple

I know two families – Erik and Sheryl, and Shelley and Ed who are presently in the process of adopting siblings from 3rd world nations. Both are having very difficult times closing the deal because of nonsensical governmental bureaucracy in the countries of origin. Adoption has always been God’s heart and both of these situations smell like the dastardly harassment of the Devil. Yes, I believe in a personal Satan. Good things are just too hard in this world. I don’t think there’s any other explanation for evil: but that’s another topic for another day.

Would you pray with me for Erik and Sheryl and Shelley and Ed and for all families in the process of adoption? God loves to do this!

 “Father, adoption is your heart. You have brought us all into your family, though we were strangers to you. You have given us all the rights and privileges – with responsibilities – of being your own children. You are our father, as Jesus taught us to address you, our “Papa.” Adoption is your passion and the way you love us. You love when families reflect that heart. Father, Ed and Shelley and Erik and Sheryl have opened their families, their homes, their own names to these precious children . But they are exhausted from the trials and challenges. Please intervene on their behalf. Send angels to escort these children to their new parents. With the authority you have given us in Jesus’ name we bind the enemy from these matters. Cloak these children and hide them. Pave the way through the governmental bureaucracies.  Bring a resolution NOW! We can pray this in faith because we know adoption is your very nature. Placing the lost into families is what you do! Do it again here. Give Ed and Shelley and Erik and Sheryl endurance to keep going! Give them and the teams they are working with new hope, new ideas and new wisdom. In Jesus name, bring these children home!”

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