Prayer, Plain and Simple

Check out Nicholas Kristof piece chronicling slavery in the United States. Yes, this evil is “alive and well” in the 21st century. Human trafficking is now the third largest illegal industry in the world – just behind drugs and weapons. Kristof, an award winning New York Times columnist reports on girls being sold into forced prostitution on our own streets.  Kristof is a first rate reporter who has uncovered firsthand the horrors suffered by trafficking victims all around the world. This latest article exposes human trafficking inside the United States.

Why bring this up in a blog about prayer? Because Christians must intercede about this and other justice issues! God is a God of justice. He sides with the poor and oppressed and against those who abuse power. This crisis is so dire that only prayer can turn it. The abolitionist movements in England in the 18th century and the US in the 19th century were led by Christians who prayed until they prevailed. It’s time we do the same.

Consider adding “abolition” to your prayer list. And consider exploring organizations like “Not For Sale” for other practical actions we can take to end slavery in our lifetime.

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