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As You’ve blessed me, help me be a blessing to others. Show me what I can bring to the table so someone else can have a better quality of life. Help me to share what I have, even if it’s […]

There are eight million stories in the naked city, all of them overlapping. Help us find a way to take our homes with us, to carry them inside us so that we’re never lost. Create a mobile sacred space for […]

Daily Prayer Here’s my soul’s Status Update: I know the power of words. I’ve been wounded by an off-hand comment. I’ve been uplifted by unexpected praise. A bad attitude can be catching. From the sniffles of sarcasm to the contagion […]

Daily Prayer Trying not to see it as some great mystery or some kind of cosmic test, but just give me some idea. Okay, a sign. Are we not meant to have children? We’re a loving couple, completely attuned to […]

Daily Prayer My son told me today he’s not sure he believes in You. The jury is still out on that one, he said. At eleven, he’s figured it out and knows all the answers. Please help me hold my […]

6 of 6 ← PREVIOUS All That Matters in Memes Every day I tell my son, “Always do the right thing.” Hackneyed mom wisdom? Sure. But is it a meme? Probably not. I think if I had to sum up […]

Daily Prayer Help me to recalibrate so that I don’t live by everyone else’s rules: It’s impossible to achieve success later in life. You’re a woman in a man’s world. Change is something to be feared. Help me to regroup […]

The hardest part was standing vigil, shaking clammy hands, kissing mascara-strewn cheeks, all of us trying to find words of comfort. Help me feel the warmth in every covered dish and bouquet of carnations. Platitudes and pat answers don’t help […]

Daily Prayer I praise You for: My purpose, My passion, My partner, My people, My personal peace, Your perfection experienced. For purpose gives direction. Passion unleashes my gifts. My partner, life meaning, My people, a heritage, My personal peace is […]

Daily Prayer As we get ready for our trip, there’s so much to prepare, suitcase, passports, tickets, ID. Some consider You their co-pilot, but I know better. I know You’re holding up the plane, smoothing out the turbulence, making all […]