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How do you describe something that is essentially indescribable? George Herbert takes on the subject of “Prayer” in a poem full of incandescent images and startling metaphors. Join Lori Strawn and Alice Shelton as they react to the poem and […]

I look in the mirror and see a jumble of flaws. Please, help me see myself as You see me: Perfect. Whole. Capable. Help me to view my defects as potential, my awkwardness as a different beauty. Prevent me from […]

In the land of green tea and tic-tac lunches, Lily finds it odd that there are so many stores lining Main street with calorie-laden goodies. The affluent suburb she lives in is a mecca for over-exercising and under-eating. It’s fashionable […]

As You’ve blessed me, help me be a blessing to others. Show me what I can bring to the table so someone else can have a better quality of life. Help me to share what I have, even if it’s […]

“And I shall be sanctified in the midst of the children of Israel.” Leviticus 22:32 Lone wolf or member of the pack? There are advantages to praying in a group over solitary prayer. Certainly every situation is different. Yet in […]

Daily Prayer I praise You for the tiny glories I am often too busy to see: the irregular scallop of a maple leaf, the impossible yellow of a dandelion, the perfection of untrammeled snow. For the scrap of sunlight the […]

At times, I feel I’m the engineer on this train, and some days, just cargo. All I need to know is that I’m on the right track. Before I even began this journey, You’d mapped out the route. Each time […]

I am. Breathing. I am breathing. A prayer runs through it. A prayer of hope. A prayer of love. A prayer of wholeness and heart. I am. Hearing. I am hearing. A song runs through it. A song of joy. […]

It takes years of pressure to turn a piece of coal into a sparkling diamond. Thank You for second chances, and open hearts. Allow me a chance to grow in faith. Surround me with light and hope as we walk […]

I don’t know why it’s so easy to assume God is a sloppy manager, standing silently with His arms crossed and waiting for confused workers to guess His priorities.  What seems more likely—especially when I think about it—is the idea […]