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Daily Prayer Here beside You, I am known. You have the words I cannot find. You know the truths I will not speak. You offer me peace I thought was out of reach. You are my warmest companion, my perfect […]

Daily Prayer Among skyscrapers and city streets, You are here. I sense You in sun hot pavement, glinting glass and rumbling buses. When I take the train, I see You in the faces of Your children– Young and old, men […]

Daily Prayer I think of myself as diamond, perhaps pure gold. Maybe my life is an antique vase, unique, precious, and rare. Consider the point it which they all began. Think of the process each went through. Each test of […]

Daily Prayer When and where I will connect with You isn’t something I can predict, yet I judge when and where others will make these connections. Only with You can I lead without pushing, wait without impatience and give others […]

Daily Prayer Where has the week gone? I see suddenly the approach of the finish line, and yet my to-do list still looms large. Please still my need to rush. Help me take it one job at a time, a […]

Daily Prayer I want my life to ring, to surge like a cello, deep and moving graceful and resonant— the sound of Your voice when you speak to me. I hear little songs in my mind of Your promises. They […]

Daily Prayer Let me know Your will, Your hearts desire, and my own. Train me; prune me in the faith life, that I may bear fruit pleasing to You. Inside, show me how to love unconditionally, free to express Your […]

Daily Prayer I praise You for the tiny glories I am often too busy to see: the irregular scallop of a maple leaf, the impossible yellow of a dandelion, the perfection of untrammeled snow. For the scrap of sunlight the […]

Daily Prayer Everybody who works here tells a story with their clothes. Some have on suits; I’m wearing a uniform. Make me proud of myself and what I do as I go to work each day. Let the people I […]

Sometimes I wonder what I can teach my son. I can’t even help him with his homework anymore. Then, when I think he’s not listening, I realize he’s picked up my bad habits. Make me aware of my impact. Let […]