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Daily Prayer Please give me vision that can see the genuine article, hearing that senses lies, and a taste for what is substantive. Please grant me a connection to what’s pure and right and just. Protect me from the disingenuous […]

Help me to teach my child. To give her wisdom and show her how to choose good people to be in her life. Help me to teach my child to look within for her very best— that You are her […]

Video Prayer Priceless Gifts Verse and Lyrics I want to be the best mother I can be, to honor my children by providing boundaries.Allow me to be in the moment with them, soaking in all their love and giving back […]

Sometimes I wonder what I can teach my son. I can’t even help him with his homework anymore. Then, when I think he’s not listening, I realize he’s picked up my bad habits. Make me aware of my impact. Let […]