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It happened again yesterday. Courtney was at lunch, gabbing with the girls. Her girlfriend Celeste was talking about how hard it’s been for her son to find a job. Lots of nodding heads, we all know how she feels. When […]

She’s always getting ready for nothing. Harriet is the busiest person on the planet and yet no one understands what it is she actually does. Her son Michael remembers his childhood and the loneliness of being Harriet’s kid. He hated […]

Help me to teach my child. To give her wisdom and show her how to choose good people to be in her life. Help me to teach my child to look within for her very best— that You are her […]

6 of 6 ← PREVIOUS All That Matters in Memes Every day I tell my son, “Always do the right thing.” Hackneyed mom wisdom? Sure. But is it a meme? Probably not. I think if I had to sum up […]

1 of 6 NEXT → When my son has a birthday, it’s his custom, to exploit it for all it was worth.  When he was twelve he said, “It’s a big one, Ma! Have you looked at the calendar? Huh? […]

They see you at your worst – in the morning, with your glamorous Bedhead Bouffant; in the afternoon, when the remote isn’t cooperating, so you throw it against the wall; in the evening, when you’re telling the same boring story […]

I don’t have a bountiful womb. Or maybe I do. The point is I’m not hell bent on finding out. I’ve wanted to write since I was twelve-years-old. It’s never been a choice of whether I wanted to or not. […]