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Daily Prayer Here’s my soul’s Status Update: I know the power of words. I’ve been wounded by an off-hand comment. I’ve been uplifted by unexpected praise. A bad attitude can be catching. From the sniffles of sarcasm to the contagion […]

Daily Prayer It’s everywhere. Sitting on the bus or driving in the car. Waiting at the deli counter, number 56 in hand. Who knew 3 pounds of lean corned beef could get me closer to the promised land? Trapped inside […]

Daily Prayer There’s a lesson in here somewhere. It’s in everything I do, but camouflaged as it may be, I hunt for clues along the way. Through waiting, I learn patience and the meaning of divine timing. Through loss, I […]

I feel as though I am at everyone’s beck and call. I am surrounded by a chorus of needs and I cannot hear myself anymore. I cannot hear You. I want to give to my family, to my friends, to […]

Daily Prayer Tonight, I am full of uncertainties: rushing water, rocks and loosened stones. Above me, stars reach connecting pieces of my scattered life, forming constellations of doubt. But when all is quiet, I hear the creek pulsing outside my […]

Daily Prayer Only You can say what I need. I think I know:  this job, that house, this person that I say I love. But only You can say what I need. I do know what I want: to trust […]

I can’t sleep at night; I can’t bear feeling alone. I don’t know what I should do; I feel so uneasy. I have within me a hunger to know You. To know You in my mind, my heart, my spirit, […]

Daily Prayer Down here where only the lantern-fish swim, too deep for sun to penetrate, I see a glint. It is You, reaching for me through the churning seas, a hand to pull me back to the surface and into […]

It’s not fame that I seek, but a grand opportunity to shine through service. Isn’t that what follows all the buffing and refining? Shininess. You blow Your warm breath on me, and then rub-rub-rub. The lessons and the love are […]

Why does everything happen to me? What do I do – when I don’t know what to do? How much more can I take? What do I do – when I don’t know what to do? When will it end? […]