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10 of 10 ← BACK  Santa vs God Mashup Santa says HO, HO, HO. God says “I’m HERE, HERE, HERE.” START AGAIN → Better Than Santa

9 of 10 ← BACK • NEXT → Santa vs God Mashup Santa knows who is naughty and nice and distributes his gifts accordingly. God gives no conditions to the gifts he shares. CONTINUE → God is Here

8 of 10 ← BACK • NEXT → Santa vs God Mashup Santa lets you sit on his lap. God’s strong arms are always caressing you. CONTINUE → God Gives

6 of 10 ← BACK • NEXT → Santa vs God Mashup Santa does his business by wriggling down your chimney. God is the perfect fit in your heart and in your soul. CONTINUE → God is Open

1 of 10 NEXT → We do love a great symbol, don’t we? Whether it’s Santa, a menorah or a color combination that says “Celebrate!” It’s worth taking a second look at the meaning behind the message: Don’t forget the […]

3 of 10 ←BACK • NEXT→ Santa vs. God Mashup Santa uses a sleigh to get around. God is around us always and He can even walk on water and part the sea.   CONTINUE → God’s Hours