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Daily Prayer There’s a lesson in here somewhere. It’s in everything I do, but camouflaged as it may be, I hunt for clues along the way. Through waiting, I learn patience and the meaning of divine timing. Through loss, I […]

Daily Prayer By divine selection we are born to our parents. You have allowed me to be a recipient of my parents extraordinary love. You, have weaved the fabric of their character and values into my DNA. You have made […]

Daily Prayer She’s the one I turn to in moments of sheer panic. A straight shooter who tells it like it is. She’s the cavalry rushing in, saving me from myself, talking me down from the ledge. She’s the one […]

Daily Prayer Let me know Your will, Your hearts desire, and my own. Train me; prune me in the faith life, that I may bear fruit pleasing to You. Inside, show me how to love unconditionally, free to express Your […]

Stopped at a corner in my car saw a man holding a sign. It read, I’m hungry. You say, “Feed him” Walked by a woman sleeping on a cardboard box. She needed warmth. You say, “Cover her” Crossed through a […]