He’s standing in a D.C. subway station, his hair is messy, and his violin is old. He’s a young fella, playing classical music with intense concentration. He made $32 for forty-five minutes of doing what he loves to do best, play music. Not a bad gig. But statistics don’t tell the real story. He’s a professional musician, Joshua Bell, the world famous violin virtuoso. The Washington Post staged an experiment to see if people stop to appreciate beauty in unexpected places.

Frannie read about it and thought that “people” passed the test. Others felt Bell’s stunt proved that not enough of us “stop and smell the roses.” But Frannie rides the Metro regularly and she knows that there’s something very important competing for a commuter’s attention: making your train. Yes, commitment to getting to work on time, consideration for your boss, your co-workers, and your customers, are all part of what would make an appreciative person walk by a musical genius playing Bach on a $3.5 million Stradivarius violin in the subway station.

It’s always a struggle to get the balance right between doing what you’re supposed to do and doing what you’d like to do. Being appreciative may just be beside the point. And what is the point as we hurry through the day to day of life? Appreciation of beauty in unexpected places certainly is one.  Another is honoring your commitments. Either way, you are blessed. Appreciate it.

– Prayables

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