Every time I get a hot flash, I think it’s God, with something like a cattle prod, inching me closer to Him.” Hmmm…weird. Megan isn’t talking about death by menopause. She’s explaining how a life stage so physical can be felt spiritually.

Let’s face it, as you get older your body, your brain and even the follicles of your hair change, sometimes beyond recognition. Who is that old lady in the mirror? She’s a new version of you. When dealing with change, you can rebel or accept it with grace.

People are finding a way to do a little of both. Still riding your Harley? Good for you. Taking up knitting? That’s cool too. Though there are plenty of accommodations you have to make for new realities, there is one area of your life that gets better and better with age: Faith.

You’re older and wiser now. Whether you’re pre, past, or stuck in your change, like Megan, move closer to God through prayer. Be aware of the gift of physicality, even if it’s ridiculously uncomfortable sometimes. Give your soul the space it needs to soar. And give God praise for His red hot flashes of  spiritual inspiration.

– Prayables

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