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My son and I saw RUSH last week – and the show was incredible. As a 48-year old who grew up listening to the band get maligned by friends, associates and mostly critics, it remains stunning to me that this band does not get the respect it deserves. 

Exceptional musicianship, a beyond professional attitude, respect for the fans, a workmanlike, blue-collar earnestness – not to mention commercial sales that put them in a league with the Beatles and the Stones (you can look it up). 
Yet no Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination for them – EVER. 
Joining this monumental band on the list of forgottens by the Hall are:
Depeche Mode
The Cure
Hall and Oates
Alice Cooper
Moody Blues
Cheap Trick
Bad Company
Peter Frampton
Todd Rundgren
Linda Ronstadt
Bon Jovi
Public Enemy
Red Hot Chili Peppers (this was their first year of eligibility)

Am I missing anyone? Who do you think is the most glaringly overlooked artist in rock and roll to be denied entry to the hall?
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