The Pop Culture Road Trip
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Returned home from a road trip to West Memphis, Arkansas recently. We were there to work on landmark #54 in the Hampton Hotel Save-A-Landmark program. In the ten years the program has been rolling along, we’ve visited many interesting places […]

Today the president is in New Orleans, speaking about the five years that have passed since the levees there breached in the wake of hurricane Katrina – which actually did not hit the city full force. But it did hit […]

From here in Southern California, a trip across the border to Tijuana or Rosarita Beach used to be  fun, affordable road trip. But no more. The murder, mayhem and corruption fueled by drug cartels has made such a trip foolish, […]

What was the best movie you saw this concert? The best concert? Best book you read? Tell us…

My son and I saw RUSH last week – and the show was incredible. As a 48-year old who grew up listening to the band get maligned by friends, associates and mostly critics, it remains stunning to me that this […]

Just got back from a trip to Memphis and as great as the city is anytime of the year, during Elvis Week it’s particularly special. I wrote this piece for AOL News on Elvis and then this one . What I’m […]

All – on a bit of a pop culture road trip for Elvis Week down south and for another big Hampton Save-A-Landmark event. Back in a few, but in the meantime, thought you might enjoy these recent AOL News stories […]

I’ve written recently about the band from here in Huntington Beach beach, Avenged Sevenfold, and their dedicated, passionate fans. This week the group achieved an impressive milestone – bumping Eminem out of the number one slot on the Billboard album […]

So the country is falling apart and it seems like the most important thing on many people’s minds is who will will occupy the 1-2 judge seats on American Idol next season. If anything illustrates the low-level quality of our […]

If you’re ever passing through our city of Huntington Beach and you have the pleasure of taking your hound to our famous Dog Beach, remember my friend Martin Senat, who passed away last week. An amazing guy – here is […]