The Pop Culture Road Trip
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TIME magazine just announced (along with a slew of other listy things) their list of “Top 10 Celebrity Do-Gooders.” (Bono, Kevin Costner, Jerry Lewis, Elton John, George Clooney, Brad Pitt & Angelinia Jolie, Paul Newman, Danny Thomas, Oprah Winfrey and Hayden […]

I get to interview some interesting people during my travels, for my newspaper column, radio show or even for my pop culture travel books. But not on the level of someone else in our household– our 13-year-old daughter, Claire. For […]

Blockbuster movies are now as much a part of summer as flip flops, sun block, and backyard barbecues. And while a cool dark theater is a nice escape on a broiling day, if you hit the road you can also […]

First of all, we picked a winner in the signed book giveaway. All of your “first concert” experience comments were wonderful, it was a totally random pick and the winner is someone who described what it was like to see […]

It was quite a couple of months for rocker Bret Michaels. April 12, an emergency appendectomy. April 21,  a near-fatal brain hemorrhage. May 20, a stroke. So it’s no wonder the public has watched intensely as he has carefully come […]

What was your first concert? Do you remember? Did it change your life? Mine was the Rolling Stones. I do remember. And it did change my life. Big time. June 22, 1975, at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. At […]

Our road trip today takes us to Boston, about 1983. I was in college (Emerson) and my cousin Frank, who lived with his family just outside the city, asked me to take a drive down to Bridgeport, Connecticut.  So I […]

So begins our journey together, in search of pop culture, entertainment, fads, trends, landmarks–a cross country adventure discovering things we all love to talk, think and dream about. The Brady Bunch House? We’ll go there. Coffee with Eve Plumb? It’ll […]

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