The editor of America, Drew Christiansen, SJ, has a knockdown post on last week’s meeting between Obama and select members of the Catholic press (and one WaPo religion writer). It’s a particular examen of the profession and the church rather than Obama. Father Christiansen is rightly (to my biased mind) laudatory of daily wordsmiths like Pat Zapor of Catholic News Service–a top-notch outfit that is undervalued and underfunded. Those who can, write on deadline. Those who can’t, criticize them.

But Christiansen’s most incisive words are for a fellow participant, Fr. Owen Kearns, publisher of National Catholic Register, the newspaper of the right-wing Legionaries of Christ. I’d heard that Father Kearns laid something of an egg with his question-accusation for Obama, but Christiansen has the full story:

Fr. Owen Kearns, L.C., publisher and editor in chief of The National Catholic Register, wanted to press the president on the anti-Catholicism in his administration. Citing a line in the president’s Cairo address about hiding hostility to religion behind the pretense of liberalism, Father Kearns asked whether the administration didn’t harbor anti-Catholic sentiment. The president asked for specifics, and Fr. Kearns identified Joshua Du Bois, the director of the White House Office for Faith-based and Neighborhood Initiatives, as an offender. Rev. DuBois, Fr. Kearns alleged had called the pope “a discredited leader.”Kearns added that the president had backed him up.

The Rev. DuBois, sitting directly behind Father Kearns, denied the accusation and identified the offender as Harry Knox, an outside advisor to the office, who is the religious liaison for the Human Rights Campaign, a gay and lesbian organization. It was the first the president had heard of the incident, and he had never backed up such an offending statement.
Journalists should know that if you are going to call an official out to his face you ought to have your facts straight. But nothing can deter the Catholic right’s idee fixe that Barack Obama is bound and determined to do the worst he can by the pro-life agenda., even when their position is shown up as empty prejudice as it was that morning.
Well said. The idea of going into a Q-and-A with the POTUS with some vague and factually incorrect grievance as your question is embarassing. Of course, the National Catholic Register has a number of skeletons in the closet regarding truth-telling, specifically in the case of the LC founder Father Maciel Degollado. And why the Register was invited and not Our Sunday Visitor was baffling, though OSV editor John Norton says he raised a stink, and rightly so. (OSV’s blog also edited Kearns’ question in a very sympathetic way for the priest.)
But Father Christiansen isn’t playing favorites. He also takes on a post-meeting post by one of America‘s own bloggers, Michael Sean Winters, who wrote a stinging and (to my mind) baffling critique of Obama’s responses at the meeting. (Read Winters’ post here.) 
Michael Sean Winters, though he didn’t participate in the round robin and, as far as I know, didn’t have access to the full transcript, gave the president a ‘B’. It is not exactly clear to me why. But, I am sure it grabbed readers’ eyes. Our meeting wasn’t a philosophy seminar, as MSW seemed to understand. Was it simply because the president couldn’t grant everything we Catholics would ask on the abortion question? That seems inappropriate for journalists to expect from any politician.
There were only two questions related to abortion. One on the conscience clause and one on the committee searching for common ground. The president’s response to the first was in the affirmative, but the specific policy is still under review, and in the case of the committee, though it has been corresponding and holding conference calls, its first meeting will only take place sometime soon. On both counts, it seems we will have to wait to see how the president and his team score on a Catholic test.
The weakness in the meeting, it seemed to me, was on our side. Only two journalists’ questions dealt with the president’s meeting with the pope and the broader international agenda they anticipate discussing-the reason the White House had brought us there. We Catholic journalists were preoccupied, I am afraid, with American Catholic politics. We couldn’t see beyond the eastern seaboard, it seemed. Perhaps the appearance Tuesday of Pope Benedict’s new social encyclical will open our eyes to the global responsibilities both pope and president want us to address.
Father Christiansen has another post up as well on his impressions of “The Obama We Met.”

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