Welcome to the new place!.jpgThat was Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s opening quip tonight–and not his only one–at the Vespers service this evening welcoming the city’s tenth archbishop (and lucky 13th bishop). The Times “City Room” blog has a fine play-by-play here, with lots of color and moving details, and a Dolanesque conclusion–inviting everyone to a reception at the archdiocesan office center a few blocks away. Didn’t Steve Martin do that trick?

The Times also has the full text of his homily (image of the first page below, with AMDG and JMJ on each top corner). Many fine passages, such as:

“Will we open up in faith, hope, and love to the God who gently knocks on the door to our being, asking Him in to live with us?” Archbishop Dolan asked. “Or will fear, self-absorption, and darkness keep us locked up in ourselves?”

Dolan text.gif

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