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The Chicago Tribune, no Catholic basher–despite what the Sun-Times would have you believe–goes right up to the threshold, seeming to pose the question without giving an answer in an editorial today, “Confessions and Consequences”: The cardinal should insist that his […]

The Chicago Tribune has the disturbing deposition by Cardinal Francis George and other coverage detailing what is being described as a “cover-up” of an abusive priest–but AFTER George presided over the passage of the 2002 charter to protect children, and […]

Here on NPR, Jesuit priest and prolific author (check out his bestseller, “My Life with the Saints”) James Martin takes up the issue of the new prayers that will be coming (not too soon) to a Mass near you. (See […]

Perhaps it doesn’t beat what they’re building for “Angels & Demons,” but a diligent reader dug up a photo of the famous Inflatable Church that we spoke about here earlier. Check out a cool gallery of pictures here. And note […]

The New York Times has a piece today about Obama and the Dems and their efforts to appeal to Catholic voters who may be turned off by the party’s pro-choice dogmatism. It includes comments from the much-pilloried pro-life, yet pro-Obama, […]

Evidently tired of dragging down the Catholic Church, blockbuster novelist Dan Brown has apparently decided to found his own religion–and yet it looks an awful lot like the one he has accused of everything that has ever gone wrong in […]

Check this out this Reuters piece about a blow-up church (real deal, Catholic and consecrated) and convent for a bit of beach ministry in Italy: ROME (Reuters) – Catholic nuns and priests in Italy are following their flocks to the […]

Sean O’Malley, the archbishop of Boston and now a cardinal five years into his difficult tenure there, cracked wise in his installation homily about his “lace-curtain” pretensions given that he’d moved to Florida (Palm Beach, no less) from his posting […]

An earlier post on the 40th anniversay of Pope Paul VI’s encyclical on contraception and procreation, “Humanae Vitae,” referred to various doom-and-gloom scenarios that champions of the teaching attributed to our wayward rejection of the encyclical’s reasoning and conclusions. Among […]

Write your own caption below. (CNS/L’Osservatore Romano photo via Reuters from the USCCB home page.)