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"Your gain is my pain. Call me."  ~  Janice Taylor,  Anti-Gravity Coach, Positarian, Artist, Author

“Your gain is my pain. Call me.” ~ Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Positarian, Artist, Author

Hey there, Tushkateers, Devotees of Our Lady of Weight Loss and anyone else who happens to land on this page (hoping it was a smooth landing),   A few weeks back, I was deep in declutter mode, tossing as much as I could muster, which turned out to be quite a lot!

Intellectually I knew that I’d gathered a fair amount of goods, i.e. clothing, books, art supplies and more over the past decade (last time we moved), but once I started going through it, I was like, “Whoa Janny… you sure have held onto a massive amount of ‘stuff’ that you either no longer need or never did!”

It was a serious eye-opener; an aHA moment of the highest magnitude. There was something oh-so-freeing about letting all that stuff go. Some of it into the trash, some donated, some gifted. Things felt cleaner, lighter and less dusty, for sure, and I vowed never to “hold onto” anything that was not needed. And by that I mean material goods, as well as beliefs and/or thoughts that drain, emotions that zap energy as well as deplete the soul. All that letting go, all that empty space led me to a new place.

I had inadvertently, through decluttering, cleared a path to “self.” A quiet self that wasn’t accustomed to voicing her opinion, which at first I had difficulty believing, as I am not a quiet person, nor am I shy about voicing myself. Nevertheless, I started to question the voice that I was voicing. I fear I am not making sense here. Let me say this.

Speak UP, I can’t hear you. The truth of it is that we are brought up with a multitude of voices telling us what to think, what to say, how to edit our thoughts, how to be, what to do, how to take-care of others, to acquiesce to others so it becomes difficult to hear our own voice. We simply lose touch; we forget how to speak about our needs, how to share our truth.

I thought it might be useful to offer up 5 questions that you can ask yourself. Questions that can help you to tap into and ultimately get in touch with your voice! Remember, questions are designed to make one think. As you begin to come up with your answers to these questions, be sure to ask yourself, “How do I know that my answer is true? Is it my voice? Or someone else’s?” Keep digging, keep asking!

5 Simple (but not easy) Questions to Your Authentic Voice

What is the one thing you know about yourself, for sure? Surely, you know more than one thing about yourself, but for the purposes of this exercise, go for the strongest, most powerful, most brilliant thing you know about yourself, for sure. And by brilliant I don’t mean smart. I mean sparkly, shiny, bright, brilliant!

What roles fit best? Perhaps the world in the form of mother, teacher, friend has told you that you are ‘supposed to’ ________________. Fill in the blank. An example: teach, paint, lounge around. What role (or roles) is most comfortable, fits best?

What roles do not fit? Are too snug, too loose, too whatever. Maybe you are not supposed to be “the chief cook and bottle-washer.” Maybe you’re not gifted in the custodial sciences?

What do you intuitively want to be? Often, we have a deep intuitive sense of what we want to do or be in life. We don’t know where this sense comes from and that’s okay. The important thing is not to ignore it. Do not edit. Do not shut down. Go with it! Tap into your intuitive sense of self.

What has your life experience told you about your destiny? I’ve been told (and have experienced) that if one looks at their life from high above, (in their mind’s eye), they will see a thread. THE thread, actually. The thread that ties all the disparate parts of your life together, enabling you to make sense of it all. The thread reveals what your destiny could be.

How was that? Are you questioning the voice in your head? Questioning whether it is your voice or someone else’s? Good! Good! Good!

Please feel free to share your answers with Tushkateers across the Land on the KITT Club/FB page, because truly, you are not only helping yourself by voicing your truth, but there is that amazing ripple effect. You will, without a doubt, help another.

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