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kick in the tush club 1:2 logoHowdy Tushkateers,  I received an email from Tushkateer Jo McC, she who is apparently “sinking fast.”  Please read through and let us know how you might deal with the major ups n’ downs that life presents! Oy vey!

Dear OLofWL ~ I am having a rough time of it.  The short of it: I sold my house as a “short sale,” a long and complicated method, albeit a necessity.  As I enter month seven, after having been told that the sale was approved and escrow opened, I am now being told that the 2nd lien holder has not approved the sale.

I am staying in a tiny room at my daughter’s house, with my 100+ pound dog.

I have allowed all this to throw me into a depression, and of course, what do I do?  I eat, and eat and eat gaining back what I lost plus some.

I know that I need to find more adaptive ways to channel my frustration, my anger, my upset, but everything costs money and I can’t spend nor can I charge.

Are you ready for the pièce de résistance?  Yesterday, while driving, I got a ticket for talking on my cell phone. LOL!

I think that I am coming close to some sort of breakdown.  I cry at the least little thing and that just not like me at all.  What to do? Help! ~ Jo McC., Sinking Fast

Dear Jo ~ I empathize, truly, as I am certain we all do.   The ups and downs of life are really something else. Geeze Louise, curve balls coming out of left field.  Ouch!  And, when that curve ball does come into play, when a difficult period rolls in, our minds (your mind, my mind) tend to run wild, churning up an onslaught of negative and fear-filled thoughts.

We desperately want to and try to create lives that are controllable, definable and predictable.

And, there you are, Jo, thinking that the sale of your home is finally moving forward.  You are imagining that some semblance of order will be restored.

What to do?   Here follows a mix of what I think of as spiritual and practical ways for you to get through this.  Some are more about your inner state; and some the outer world.

10 Ways to Survive the Many and Unpredictable Pitfalls of Life

1. Feel.  There is a difference between feeling sad and being depressed.  Feel sad.  Feel angry.  Allow yourself to feel.

2.  Cry.  Crying is an expression of emotion, an outlet for our feelings. Tears put us in touch with our humanness.  Crying often makes us feel better.  Give yourself permission to cry.

3.  Accept. We desperately want to and try to create lives that are controllable and predictable. Life is neither of those things. The path of resistance creates great suffering. Walk the path of acceptance.

4.  Think Again. If you hear any “food” thoughts, remind yourself that overeating, stuffing down your feelings and gaining weight will not help.  Think again!

5.  Breathe.  Here is a short breathing exercise that does three miraculous things.  It calms, it moves you away from your thoughts and into your body, and it moves you into the moment.  Be here NOW

6.  Walk/Bike.  Walking and biking are free.

7.   Snap It.  If I remember correctly, Joanne, you are a kick tush photographer.  Taking photos is free.

8.   New Friends.  Check your local listings for any and all meet ups/happenings/group activities that might be of interest to you.  You can go and explore, try ‘em on for size.

9.    Volunteer.  A sure way to get out of a funk is to give, give, give.  It’ll lift your spirits, for sure.

10.  Laugh.  Based on your “LOL” with regard to the ticket you recently received for talking on your cell phone while driving, I’m glad that you could laugh that one off.

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