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People call me, text me, email me, and sometimes even send massively long missives the old fashioned way, via the United States Postal Service, to let me know that they not only want to change, but they are ready to change.

They say that they are ready to do what it takes to let go of, drop, send those extra pounds of excess weight a packin’. But when it comes down to taking action, doing what one needs to do in order to reach their goal, people sometimes find that they are in a different stage of readiness than they initially thought.

According to behavior experts, there are different Stages of Readiness to Change.  Four to be exact.  If you are thinking about changing your ‘wicked ways,’ then please read on and assess where you are in the Stages of Change Continuum.  Guaranteed to turn on your inner-lightbulb, send the aHA signal to your brain and help you make any minor or major adjustments to your thinking and to your plan!

4 Stages of Change: Ready?

Contemplation:  You are chewing on change; thinking “yes, I need to make some changes in my eating habits.”  You consider what that entails.  You weigh the pros and cons of the situation.  You wonder if you can do it.  Is it worth it?  Hmmm …. You reflect and consider.

Preparation:  You’ve come to YES!  Yes, I am ready to change and you prepare for it.  You choose a healthy living plan to follow.  You seek out the best yoga or pilates classes; maybe join a gym, or even investigate the best walking paths in your neighborhood.  You buy a fun book to journal in; you download a variety of aps that promise to support your efforts!

Action:  You are ready to move into action, like Superwoman, Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk, whatever … In other words, you actually go the gym and workout; you dump the ‘red light’ foods that your pantry is now harboring.  You brown bag it.  And you now have the ability to easily and effortlessly say,“No, thank you” in a variety of languages.

Maintenance:  You are in your groove.  You have created new healthy habits; you may have even reached your goals.  (Can I get an Amen???) But ought oh, you’re getting a little bored, or a holiday is on the horizon, a vacation; all of which have the possibility to interrupt your routine.  Or, some unforeseen personal challenge shifts your focus.

It’s inevitable.  Life happens!  When you fall off the wagon, you dust yourself off, clean yourself up, and repeat Our Lady of Weight Loss’s mantra:  All Is Forgiven, Move On (or you pick up her book of the same name and read it!). 


Where are you in the stages of readiness to change?  Remember, giving up is NOT an option.  Give yourself a Kick in the Tush!   Our Lady of Weight Loss is with you every ounce of the weigh!

Spread the word … not the icing!


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