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Side note before we begin: 
As I was about to proof read this and make sure that I’m not sending half-baked thoughts and sentences to you, my mother (95.5 years young) telephoned to ‘confess’ that she fell twice this week and needs help.  So, instead of proofing … I am packing.  Heading east to see what’s what, help and find more help!  Please forgive the typos, half thoughts, et cetera!

Greetings Tushkateers*!!!

Happy December!  Can you believe it?  We are a full week (well, almost, but who’s counting) into December.  Which means that there are less than three weeks to get thyself ready for Christmas (25th Dec. as if anyone doesn’t know that one!, two weeks away from Chanukah, 20th December thru 28th December; and three weeks till Kwanzaa 26th December thru 1st January.)  Roughly, math may not be my strong point.

But you get the idea.  Time is swiftly moving by and bye!  ( … And if my kids are reading this … I asked for a simple list of things that you want with links!  Send the links, for goodness sake!)  Aside from the gifts (you may be one of those smart families who either do a grab bag and buy one gift, or just give to the little ones), there are the parties, dinners and ubiquitous holiday candies and cookies that you are forced to walk by every day.

While tis’ the season to be jolly, love each other, for gratitude et cetera, tensions arise.  Oh and cleaning – just in case you invited anyone to your house (I am revealing so many of my little personal glitches this morning), you’ll probably have to clean!  Yup, my husband decided to have a little gathering of his mates, and while he is fantastic in the clean and prepare categories, I can’t sit by and watch (can I???), so there’s that on my list!  HOLY Cow Tushkateers, I think I’m on a roll, unloading!!!  Thanks for listening.

Anyway,  the point I making or at least trying to make is that the holidays, however grand they are, add stress and to do lists to our already stressed and heavily laden lists (is that why we’re overweight?  is it the list and not the food).  I’m not alone in this.   Read on …

Tushkateer in grand-standing, Sam (aka Samantha) from Kansas City here I come, writes …

Dear OLofWL (and Janice) ~  Can I make it through the holiday season?  Besides the gift buying, party going, work events, et al., I am concerned about my buttons being pushed by my family.  I know that this is an ‘old song,’ and I’d like to sing another.  What can I do?  A few tips would be greatly appreciated.  How to deal with my family, friends – the people in my life!  Please send list asap!   I really enjoy your daily columns in the various places you post (do you sleep?) and kooky, quirky attitude!   Thank you.  ~ Sam from K.C., MO.

Dear Sam from KC., Mo. ~  As you can hear and see from the above, I am right there with you!  I’ve been working on a list of “How to SURVIVE People (relatives and whomever else) During the Holidays.”  It is a work-in-progress!  Still, I’ll share what I’ve got with you and you, as well as all the Tushkateers across the land, can feel free to write me and add to it!  Let’s brainstorm this one!

I do LOVE that you categorized this as an ‘old song’ and that you’d like to sing a ‘new song.’  That resonated with me!  Perhaps, after I have the list together, I’ll put it to music.  (OMG, I just gave myself an assignment that’s out of my expertise.  I’m pretty much tone deaf!)  Okay … well, whatever … here is my partial list and Tushkateers, again, let’s BRAINSTORM!  SEND YOUR “How to Deal with People” tips to me and write:  PEOPLE TIPS in the subject line.  Lest they get lost in the sauce! Thank YOU, Sam and Thank YOU, in advance, Tushkateers across the land (the globe, the universe – this planet and others, feel free to communicate!). ~ OLofWL (& Janice)

How to Survive Button Pushing People (relatives and otherwise) During the Holidays!

1.  Keep Knives Out of Sight.  Knives are metal objects that have a tendency to destroy harmony, stimulate quarrels, fighting and friction in the household.

2. Even Number Dinner Parties. An even number of table settings will help you to feel relaxed, whereas an odd number will heighten anxiety. The more tranquil your eating environment, the easier it will be to stick to your diet.

3.  The Holiday Script. Remember that no one has read the script that you have written for them, nor have you read the script that they have written for you.

4.  Be the Cat.  Even if you don’t like cats, keep reading.  Cats tend to observe.  They have the ability to sit and watch.  In the midst of craziness, they steer clear of the drama.   YOU be the cat.  You have the power, the innate ability, to watch them all twirling and spinning and emoting nonsense, while you stay strong, steady and centered.   You do NOT have to get pulled into or be a part of the drama.  You have a choice.  (from last week’s KICK!)

5.  YOU Set the Tone.  You be THE ONE who sets the tone. A happy, holy, healthy and complimentary word to a loved one -or- even to someone you are rather peeved with can have amazing ripple effects. And, bonus, you can feel good to know that you made a conscious decision to sprinkle the holidays with loving kindness.


AGAIN … this is the just the beginning of my super-duper POW Holiday SURVIVAL list.    So, let’s compile a list – together!  No more than 2 sentences per bullet point.  Okay? Okay!!! Send to me!!! YAY!  I love it when y’all participate.  It gives me a thrill and OLofWL too, of course. Thank you!  SAM …. thank you for writing and I do hope this helps.  Feel free to send us your ideas too!  No idea too small, simple or whatever.

Spread the word … NOT the icing!

PS:  Regarding my CYBER-TUESDAY SPECIAL of last week!  Mary took me up on the offer and here’s what she has to say.  Given her stunningly positive response, I am going to offer it this week, too!  This is the season, folks and my gift to you.

This morning, I took Janice up on her “cyber-Tuesday” phone session offer. I had no idea what to expect, but I was hoping that it wasn’t a ‘rah, rah, pull your bootstraps up and get with it’ pep talk. It was far from that!   I have been all over and I mean – all over – the various ‘diet plans.’ I’ve ‘failed’ at WW, OA, Atkins, pills, low-fat … the list goes on. The only thing I haven’t tried is the HCG shots (and I am thankful for that!).

Janice shared valuable information which shifted my thinking and helped me to create my own ‘blueprint’ for weight loss; my own plan.

I was hesitant to call Janice, but I am soooo glad that I did. I thank you, God, for having Janice come into my life at this time.

I am very inspired! ~ Mary

I’d like to offer you (and anyone who is reading) a CYBER-TUESDAY SPECIAL!!!  If you want to set up a time to talk; one special Holiday Coaching Session, let me know.  One 45-minute holiday session.  You choose the price:  $120, $90, $60 (or anything in between).  Sliding scale available!   Write me for appointment!  Be sure to put: Cyber Tuesday Coaching in the subject line, lest it gets lost in the sauce.  Offer good from now through the end of the year!  write me [  janice [at] ourladyofweightloss [dot] come ]

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