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How often do you weigh yourself?  Does the number freak you out?  If it’s up, do you eat (more)?  If it’s down, do you eat (more)?  What to do?

Giving up is not an option.  Nor is freaking out.

Here’s some information from Our Lady of Weight Loss that puts a positive and happy spin on the scales of injustice!!!  Try it on for size.  Laugh it up while you slim down!

What does the scale measure?
Do you know what the scales really measure – scientifically that is? Every object in the universe with mass attracts every other object with mass. (Some more massive than others!) Therefore, there is a pull – a force – an attraction (even better) between you and the Earth.

Your bathroom scale measures that force of attraction and that force is called your weight!  If you look at it in those terms, it takes the emphasis off fat and puts it on gravitational pull.

Nowhere in scientific date – that I could find – does it state that the scale measures HIDEOUS FAT. Nor does it say that you are BAD!  A FAILURE or need to beat up on yourself mercilessly.

It is only a number, and I realized that I didn’t have to be in a twist over the attraction between the Earth and me. After all, I am happy to be considered attractive.  Yes, I am making LIGHT of the SCALES of INJUSTICE.

Let’s take a moment to lighten up over the numbers … and

Let’s promise here and now that we’re not going to get fixated on the numbers. The turtle wins this race and numbers fluctuate with the wind.   Seriously, even the weather can make you retain water!


I, ______________________, promise here and now, that I am NOT going to get freaked and fixated by the numbers on the scale.  My primary focus is leading a healthy lifestyle.

Dated: _________________________

How often should we weigh-in and what is the best way to weigh-in?
Statistics do show that people who weigh themselves regularly not only lose weight faster; they keep it off longer.

If the number on the scale dictates the mood of the day, then only weigh yourself once a week and on a day when no one is depending upon you in any big way. In other words, weigh-in day is not the day to dispense life advice or operate heavy equipment.

And remember, only weigh yourself first thing in the morning, after you ‘relieve’ yourself, before coffee, and NAKED, of course. Every ounce counts.

And for goodness sake, find the right spot. Tiled floors offer varied readings, depending on the dip of the tile. Take advantage of that dip – find the lowest point, and leave your scale there!

Ought oh … I’m being ‘funny’ again.  Well, yes and no.  I do have the ‘right’ spot to weigh-in.   It’s about finding the balance in making it light and fun, while at the same time staying committed to a healthy lifestyle.
Don’t forget to print this page and sign the pledge!!!  No point, seriously, in driving yourself mad.


Spread the word … NOT the icing!

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