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John Lennon: Imagine …

Imagine … in honor of John Lennon, let’s today simply ‘imagine’ … Imagine Lyrics:Imagine there’s no heavenIt’s easy if you tryNo hell below usAbove us only skyImagine all the peopleLiving for today…Imagine there’s no countriesIt isn’t hard to doNothing to kill or die forAnd no religion tooImagine all the peopleLiving life in peace…You may say I’m a dreamerBut I’m not the only oneI hope someday you’ll join usAnd the world will be as oneImagine no possessionsI wonder if you canNo need for greed or hungerA brotherhood of manImagine all the peopleSharing all the world…You may say I’m a dreamerBut I’m not the only oneI hope someday you’ll join usAnd the world will live as oneSpread the word … NOT the icing,Janice

  • Your Name

    Enchanting as the music is and superficially seductive the words, when looked at closely is full of sentimental nonsense. I.e. image ine heaven nor hell –Adolf Hitler and Mother Theresa share the same fate, as do torturers and their victims. Think about the moral and spiritual implications of that. Imagine no religion – we don’t have to imagine. Just look at Communist regimes around the world (the total number killed all thru the Medieval period of 500 years was add up to the number killed every few hours – 24/7 -under the various Communist regimes) or Nazism (no, Hitler was not Christian – while an avowed atheist,he tried to cozy up the the Church for awhile to manipulate it. When that failed he started persecution).
    Imagine no possessions – when no one owns anything, no one takes responsibility for anything except those who become dictators in one form or another and homes, land, infrastructure, and more (for example deteriorate. Brotherhood etc, Rather than the bigger pie of persons taking responsibility for their own lives, people fight over their piece of the limited pie. John, you were a great performer, but not a very good philosopher.

  • Mark

    The 24/7 refers to the time since 1917.

  • Your Name

    OMG Janice,i was just surfing the internet,and i happen to find John Lennon the other day,and about his family and legacy his widow Yoko is still working til now.I am very impressed about the coincidence of your article today and my surfing,lol,Surfing not at the beach like my dad do when he’s not busy,oh Janice,i can imagine how my dad surfs and his legs get cramped and almost drowned ,lol,i didn’t get drowned surfing at the internet though,my dad?almost!OMG again.I told my dad,be careful and if he gets drowned,he will never get to heaven at all,just joking,lol.Anyway,Janice,John Lennon’s songs have touched many people’s heart,and because of the beautiful outcome of his compositions and all the lyrics and whatever keys combined together,but when it comes to making sense of the song imagine,well,as the title IMAGINE,it means to me,that we can still feel better living in this world simply by using imagination,lol,but hallucination is worst than imagination though,lol.thanks!

  • Your Name

    Janice,thanks to John Lennon’s Imagine,because i always imagine my dad
    in Iraq,makes me feel better imagining though.My dad is the commander in chief,thanks!lol.

  • Lynn

    John Lennon was a bleeding heart liberal socialist with no God in his life. You want us to admire this guy?

  • Joanne

    To add to Lynn’s comments….the lyrics to this song don’t seem to fit within the beliefnet.com site at all. Lennon clearly didn’t ‘believe’ and the lyrics to this song really point that out. Sorry, but this wasn’t a great choice.

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