Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Body Image: A Brilliant ‘Like It or Not’ Strategy

I had yet another epiphany this morning, another revolutionary thought about ‘body image.’ I wondered what it would be like to be thankful and grateful for the parts of my body that I don’t like.
Generally speaking, those of us who have body image issues have been asked at one time or another to zero in on one part of our body that we like. Maybe your eyes, ear lobes, legs, back, wrists, whatever part is most pleasing to you, so that you can see that it’s not all bad.
This morning, however, I was pondering what it might be like to seek out a part of my body that I wasn’t so hot on and be grateful for it anyway.
I started with my left foot. My big toe specifically tends to bend to the left more than the right foot and makes it difficult to buy fancy shoes. (I hope this isn’t too much information (TMI) – but I needed an example.)
What good has come from this ‘funny’ toe? Well, I’ve been ‘forced’ to buy better, more comfortable shoes, which my right foot, legs and back are totally grateful for. Ever heard the expression, “My dogs are barking?” Now that I’ve given up 4-inch heels, pointy toes, all parts of my body are sighing a major sigh of relief. No dogs barking here.
I can now look at my toe that bends to the left, and say, “Thank you for sending me in a new, more comfortable direction.”
I noticed that while moving through this ‘mentalCISE,’ I began to smile and my energy shifted into a more positive place, a better, healthier place.
Today, I invite you to be grateful for what you’re not grateful for; be thankful for what you’re not thankful for … appreciate what is and if you have to fake it before you make it, do so!!!
What part of your body might you like to take a fresh look at today?
Spread the word … NOT the icing,
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  • Your Name

    Janice,i am upset with my tummy,it’s big,with extra skin due to so much fat i’ve had before,it did shrink,but the skin is stretch out,i wanna work out to put it back make it firm,so i get trimmed ,especially that part.I have no problem with the rest of my body,i am thankful and grateful to God that i have all the body parts
    and be able to live my life full.Imagining the people who have lost some of their body parts due to diseases like Diabetes,and some have to be amputated too due to serious infections and due to car accidents
    will greatly make me realize how blessed i am to have my body complete.Our physical body is the temple of the Holy Spirit,and God
    make His dwellings there when we keep it holy and when we don’t exploit it,but we do the best we can to keep it healthy so we can carry on the plans and purpose of God through our bodies,so we can continously bring honor and glory to Him for this things please our God who is in Heaven watching and blessing us as long as we do His will,truly,we receive and live happily here,there and everywhere,lol.
    Janice,thanks for the topic today about body parts,i am greatly blessed with my body and i intend to keep it healthy all for God’s glory.thanks!

  • Sue

    It’s interesting…When I lost weight, I lost weight all over for the most part but it left a disproportionate pot belly on an otherwise now thin/normal body. So that has made me less than happy with it.
    But in appreciating it the way you suggested, I just realized that the tummy fat doesn’t give me problems really. I may get a digestive issue, or a crick in the neck, or (like right now) lower back pain, but the fat is pretty inert. It’s blobby but JUST THERE.
    So I guess there is something to appreciate about it after all!

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