Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Sandra Bullock Baby

I just love when life ‘delivers’ a happy surprise, and this morning it surely did. Enter the picture … drum roll please, Louis Bardo Bullock, son of Sandra!
A radiant Sandra Bullock appears on the cover of this week’s People magazine holding her adopted newborn son, Louis Bardo Bullock, for all the world to see. Bullock adopted Louis in New Orleans in January, and she has wisely held him close to her chest ever since. Best kept secret, ever!
I’m imagining that Sandra needed these few months to process the events of her life. Academy award, cheating husband, baby boy, divorce, and single-motherhood. That’s a platterful of life if ever there was one! I know that many of us would head to the fridge to help ‘balance’ it all!
Please join with Our Lady of Weight Loss and me (an adoptive mother and single-mother for 7 years) in wishing Sandra and Louis a happy and healthy life!
And …WEIGH IN: How do you handle the ups n’ downs of life? How do you process major (and minor) events? How do you keep in balance and steer clear of emotional eating?
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Spread the word … NOT icing!
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  • http://www.steamfloormop.com Rebecca

    Good for Sandra! Sounds like she is moving on with her life and not letting the events of the past month ruin her new found happiness and joy of being a mother. Best wishes to her and Baby Louis! I’m sure she will be an excellent mother to him!

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  • http://burnfatbuildmusclereview.com/ dany

    Sandra is the best i still cant believe she broke up.

  • Your Name

    Babies always brings joy to anyone,they’re like angels.I love to smell
    baby’s body,they always smell good and fresh.Sandra will be happier
    with her adopted baby,i wish that she can have her own baby one day,it just felt so fulfilling when we can give birth our own child,
    that’s what woman essences means,and man’s too,of course!
    Congratulations to Sandra for choosing to become a mom regardless of her break up with her husband and thakyou for this post.

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  • Belle

    Love, Love, Love her! What a wonderful woman :)

  • Francie

    I personally think adoption is a selfish act, and there are adoptee websites all over the Internet that echo this opinion. The main reason women give their babies up for adoption is lack of means to keep and raise them. If Sandra Bullock (or any person) really cared about the child’s welfare, she would give the money she spent on the adoption to the birth mother to get on her feet to be able to raise the child. No child is better off raised by a wealthy celebrity than by their biological mother. Adoption is a selfish act on the part of the adopter to fulfill a need within themself.

  • http://easydietingtips.com/weight-loss-tips-for-women Weight Loss Tips

    Wow Francie I think that you are being a little bit harsh don’t you?? It is a biological mothers right to give up her child. Would you rather have that child in foster care for all its life or adopted to a loving mother who is not going to abuse or use the child just for money from the system???

  • http://acaislim.com.au/ Natalie, hoping to lose weight

    Sandra is such a strong woman. With all the things that came into her life, her adopted baby will remove all the pains she felt.

  • http://www.iformkostdagbog.dk/ Sheng

    I’m s proud of her aside being a successful actress she might be a successful mom.

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