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Fat Suit.jpgI am writing to you from the first annual Integrative Mental Health Conference in Phoenix, Arizona (a Dr. Andrew Weill, University of Arizona event), and I am happy to say that I am not only enjoying the fresh air, the sun, the people, but I am learning much that I can and will share with you over the days, weeks and months to come in my blog posts and my workshops!
One of the highlights, thus far was the “Laughter Therapy” session lead by Dr. Gulshan K. Sethi, MD, a Thoracic Surgeon. Dr. Sethi shared information about laughter:
Laughter is a part of the universal human vocabulary, produced and recognized by people of all cultures.
Laughter decreases cortisol and norepinephrin levels in the blood. (associated with weight gain)
Laughter is one of the best aerobic exercises: One minute of mirthful laughter is equal to 6 minutes on the rowing machine. (associated with weight gain)
Laughter relaxes the entire body, relieves tensions and stress. (associated with weight gain)
Laughter boosts your immune system. (associated with weight gain)
Laughter decreases leves of stress hormones. (associated with weight gain)

After the lecture Dr. Sethi lead us through a series of laughter exercises. Ha, ha, ha – ho, ho, ho! So much laughter, fun, energy, release, connection to self and others! WOW!!! Laughter is most definitely contagious and …
Laughter Therapy couldn’t be more in alignment with my mission: to make weight loss fun! So, when I return home, it is my intention to create a 1-minute Laughter Therapy video to share with you that will be geared to weight loss!!!
And I am most definitely including this ‘exercise’ into my Omega workshop, Our Lady of Weight Loss enLIGHTens.
I invite you to laugh with me, today, now HA HA HA, HO HO HO … fake it till you make it!
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Spread the word … NOT the icing!
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