Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

10 Tips – Wake Up Happier and Thinner

KICKOL-LOGO.jpgThis morning, at 6:47 a.m. to be precise, I was interviewed by the fabulous Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones on The Paradise Radio Network, WCBQ-AM 1340 and WHNC-AM 890.
In keeping with the time of day, Dr. Jones asked me if I had any tips on how best to start our day. Here, I share the full list, my top 10 tips that are sure to energy, boost moods, lift spirits and help you to lose weight!
1. Start your day with a smile. Just as your eyes are fluttering and you are becoming aware that a new day stands before you, smile. It sets a positive tone that will reverberate throughout your day.
2. Expect a miracle. Believe that something extraordinary will show up in your day. Open your heart and mind and allow the universe to bestow gifts and blessings on you.
3. A blast of fresh air. Open a window or two and take in a deep breath of fresh air. So refreshing!
4. Drink a glass or two of water. Your body is hard at work when you are sleeping, and your water levels are not being replenished. Drinking water upon waking helps to flush the toxins out of your body, energize you and helps in your weight loss efforts.
5. Dance to the music. Turn on and tune into your favorite dance music. Shake your booty. Can you feel the happy energy swirling?
6. Take a cold shower. Enjoy your hot shower, but be sure to end it on a cold note! Not only will you wake up and feel energized, but a cold shower helps to increase circulation throughout the body, clean the circulatory system, reduce blood pressure on internal organs and much more!
7. Go green tea. People who drink coffee often find that the initial burst of energy feels good, but it’s not worth the crash that is sure to follow. Green tea is a healthy and natural energizer.
8. Eat a healthy breakfast. Maybe some fresh fruit, sprouted wheat bread, an organic hard boiled egg? Not only will you get the energy from these healthy foods that you need to keep your body moving, but eating breakfast is an important part of weight loss.
9. Talk to Your Plants. If you have some plants (either inside or outside), water them, touch them, smell them and talk to them. Having contact first thing in the morning with nature is grounding.
10. Make a Fashion Statement. Wear something that brings out the best in you. Something that makes you feel good, that represents the real you!
Now, are you ready to walk out into the world and enjoy another fabulous day?
Great, me too!!!
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  • Steve Mark

    An Inter-faith Spiritual Approach to Healthy Weight Loss
    I’m writing to share my spiritual weight loss strategy particularly with people in my own age group, but which also can be applied effectively for anyone of any age and any faith.
    At age 55, there were a series of triggers that started me on this journey to better health. I’d been fully aware that I needed to lose weight for years but I felt like everything I had tried failed. I considered lots of approaches, many of which I had tried before… Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers … even gave some thought (briefly) to undergoing lap band surgery.
    The turning point for me came a few days after arriving home from helping my aging parents move to a retirement community. During the move I had been physically unable to do so many things I wanted to do because my back was so sore and I was so out of shape. I looked in the mirror and saw this old-looking fat guy who moved slow, couldn’t bend over, knees and back were sore most of the time. At 55 years old, I looked and felt older than my 80 year old dad. I felt out of balance because who I am on the inside and who I saw on the outside simply didn’t match up.
    Everything changed when I decided to approach my journey to health from a spiritual perspective.
    My reasoning went something like this: God gave me this incredibly complex body as a vehicle for this spirit. Knowing that gratitude in action is an important key to bringing more good into your life, I decided that now was the time to show God how grateful I really am for this body he’s given me by taking better care of it.
    First step: Choose a healthy diet plan. I enrolled in Weight Watchers. I’d tried WW online before but decided that this time I needed more accountability. So I committed to go to weekly meetings and weigh in and put that meeting on my calendar for the entire next year. You may not need the added accountability and support that comes from group meetings but it’s definitely been very valuable to me. I not only get great ideas and support, but I also get lots of great recipes from my WW team leader who has lost over 100 lbs. on her journey.
    (Note: If WW isn’t for you, choose another weight management plan with a proven record and healthy eating plan. Avoid quick-fix/fad diets. You didn’t gain it in a few weeks, so don’t expect to lose it and keep it off in a couple of weeks.)
    Second step: A plan for consistent exercise is a must so make a commitment and map out your exercise time on your calendar. Join a health club or purchase some exercise equipment such as a treadmill, eliptical trainer, or stationary bike. My wife and I don’t have room in our little house for exercise equipment so we decided to join a health club. But taking it a step further, because we wanted to learn how to best use the equipment to maximize our results we hired a personal trainer. Yes, it’s been a serious investment, but we reasoned that we can spend the money now on that or spend a fortune on doctors, prescription drugs and hospital visits in years to come. We’ve had to make some sacrifices to afford it financially (i.e. eating out less) but we both agree it has been so worth it for us.
    Now I’m not saying that you have to hire a personal trainer to lose weight. Remember, the important thing is to map out regular workout times and stick to it. If nothing else, go for a 30 minute walk every day (or if you can’t do that, start out with 10 minutes and add a few minutes each week.
    The spiritual aspect of my journey (and I believe that this applies regardless of your chosen faith) has truly been the primary key to success for me. I have committed to setting aside three hours a week to actively show God how grateful I am for the gift of this body by taking care of it. I view my exercise time as an extended prayer of thanks. When I’m on the treadmill I often close my eyes and say prayers of thanks for all the abundance in my life as well as prayers for those I love. It’s been very powerful. When I turn my focus within like that, I find that the time goes by quickly and it’s easier to deal with “the burn” when I’m doing resistance training (although over time I’ve actually gotten to where I kind of like the burn) and muscle soreness.
    Let’s face it, getting in shape is NOT easy. But the simple truth is… being overweight isn’t easy or fun either. The rewards for taking care of your body are so huge and conversely the penalty for not doing so gets bigger with each advancing year.
    To date I’ve lost 31 lbs. in just over six months. I still have 45 lbs to go to reach my goal weight but I am already completely off blood pressure meds, my back pain is gone, I feel strong and energetic, and I am only five pounds away from my lowest weight in fifteen years. I thank my Creator for this body, for my health and for the abundance that continually flows into my life.
    If you need to lose weight, don’t wait… start today. I wish you great success on your personal journey to good health.

  • deegee

    Steve, thank you for sharing your personal journey. That was the most inspirational thing I’ve read in a long time.
    And as always, Janice, love your blog and what you have to say!

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