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 ART egg story.jpgJust in case you haven’t noticed, extra large portions of ‘chunky’ are being dished out this summer television season. In the midst of this schizophrenic landscape that sports fun-house mirrors, moving my psyche from thin to fat, and then back to thin once more, I began to wonder … what’s the summer takeaway? Is there a lesson to be learned from these shows? Is there a golden nugget to be found?
Is ‘chunky’ in or out?
The shows – Drop Dead Diva, More to Love, Dance Your Ass Off and Ruby – range from dance to comedy to reality – some promote health and weight loss, some say you’re fine just as you are, as they light up the grill and fill up on dessert. Mixed messages for sure.
Alas, the sought after nugget of gold came to me during Episode #5 of Dance Your Ass Off, when Shayla showed off her hip hop moves to “Low.”
Shayla, a 200+ pound beauty, rocked it with confidence. She oozed sexy. And there you have it, sexy has absolutely nothing to do with the number on the scale. It has all to do with turning off the criticizing chatterbox in your head that stops you from seeing and appreciating your unique and beautiful self.
Sexy people have an ‘air’ about them. They know how to ‘claim what’s theirs;’ they know how to ‘mark their territory.’ They know how to stand tall and through body language and words send out a positive message to the Universe. “Here I am! Happy to be alive. Confident, self-assured, and sexy!”
Sexy people ooze confidence, attitude and love. Want to ooze sexy with Our Lady of Weight Loss and me?
Sexy 101: 9 One-Size-Fits-All Tips on How to Let Your Sexy Rip
1. Shake It, Move It – From Jive to Meringue. Step it up and find a new way to shake your booty that connects to and energizes your soul. Nothing sexier than a high energy happy!
2. Wear Clothes that Fit – No matter what your size, there’s nothing less flattering than wearing clothes that are either too big or too small. Just take a look around you. Am I right, or am I right?
3. Smile Bright – There is nothing more alluring than a happy smile. Show off those pearly whites, and if they are not so pearly, get them whitened. It’s totally worth the investment.
4. Good Skin – Glowing skin adds to your glowing aura. Be sure to wash your face before you go to sleep as well as when you wake up, and throughout the day if you live in a dirty, gritty city like I do.
5. Smell Like a Million Bucks – Consider getting a new perfume and dabbing on a drop or two (don’t go crazy), or using a great smelling soap that lingers. Bottom line, you sure don’t want to smell bad, do you?
6. Focus on Personality – Forget what the scale says in either direction. If you are thin, and you are oozing sexy based solely on your looks, watch out. It won’t last forever. And if you’re on the chunky side, let it go as well. Let the real fun, energetic, loving and caring you shine through.
7. Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. – Everyone has something to offer to another person. You are loveable, creative, talented, and worthy of love. Just make sure that the person you are lovin’, is worthy of you!
8. Walk with Confidence – Now that you are energized, clean, smelling good, and you teeth are shining – step out with confidence. Believe in yourself. Strut your stuff and …
9. Have Fun – Lighten up, have fun. The definition of sexy should be: someone who is laughing, smiling, being real and having fun!
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