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I tuned into last night’s episode of FOX’s reality TV series “More to Love” just as the girls, under Emme’s tutelage, were rating each other: Would Kristian, Mel B., et al. make a “Good Wife” or “Bad Wife” for Luke?
The “good/bad” rating system only serves to make people feel badly about themselves. Poor Kristian, as if she doesn’t have enough issues, was up first and was slam-bammed by the group. Labeled ‘bad’ given her emotional instability (so they say), she dissolved into tears. Mel B,. up last, was also shaken to her core, as the votes rolled in … bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. Yes, that’s right: 6 bads/1 good.
As a Weight Loss Coach, I hear the words ‘good’ and ‘bad’ spoken quite a bit. “I was bad today, because I ate brownies.” “I was good this week, because I said no to cake 5 times.” You are neither good nor bad. You ate brownies. You said ‘no, thank you.’
I encourage people to let go of the judgement. It serves no purpose, and can often – on a ‘bad’ week – send you careening down, down, down.
What we’re really doing is creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle. We can only do our best at any given moment. Go easy on yourself, and on Kristian and Mel B. for that matter! Please!
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