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Would you prefer knowing the truth or living in ignorance?
Assuming knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss, which would you prefer – power or bliss? Here follows ‘the truth about Sushi!’ from Janice Taylor, Sushi Lover.
As far as Sushi goes, I was (was being the operative word here) truly happy living in ignorance. In fact, just this past week, I had a night of ‘let go’ at my favorite Japanese restaurant.
Roll after roll – spicy tuna roll, shrimp tempura roll – dragon roll – Alaska roll – Boston roll -bottle of unfiltered Sake after bottle of filtered Sake from dry to sweet – mysteriously arrived at our table. It was a gastronomical, as well as social pleasure. One big blissful, ignorant YUM!
Yes, I was clear on the fact that I’d well exceeded my usual daily caloric intake, however, I rationalized that sushi is a low-fat diet food – and that it couldn’t be too bad!
The very next day, coincidentally, Our Lady of Weight Loss, the patron saint of permanent fat removal, handed me an ‘everything you need to know about sushi’ article, which set forth, under no uncertain terms, the truth about sushi.
So before you read on – know this. If you are ordering any kind of ‘fancy’ roll – large size rolls, rolls of spiciness, or fried rolls (duh!) – any kind of Sushi roll that has been ‘Americanized’ – you are ingesting more calories and fat than you may have thought.
“Sushi for dieters: Japanese isn’t always great for you. Here’s how to order smart.” Source: Health magazine, June 2007
1. SOY SAUCE – [1 Tbsp.]
* Calories: 8
* Fat: 0g
* Protein: 1g
* Sodium: 902mg
* Smart move – cut 302 milligrams of sodium by choosing low-sodium soy
2. IMITATION WASABI – [1 Tbsp.] I didn’t even know that imitation existed?!)
* Calories: 7
* Fat: 0g
* Protein: 0g
* Sodium: 100mg
* Smart move – ask for the real thing. Imitation can contain oil, sorbitol [a sugar],
and lactose
3. SHRIMP TEMPURA ROLL – [6-8 pieces]
* Calories: 508 per roll (HOLY COW!!!)
* Fat: 21g
* Protein: 20g
* Sodium: 210mg
* Smart move: For crunch, skip the tempura and get a roll with fish raw
[only 20 calories a tablespoon]
4. SPICY TUNA ROLL – [6-8 pieces]
* Calories: 290 per roll
* Fat: 11g
* Protein: 24g
* Sodium: – 53mg
* Smart move: If you order it mayo-free, you will save about 30 calories and
3 grams of fat.
5. TUNA SASHIMI – [I ounce]
* Calories: 40
* Fat: 1,4g
* Protein: 6,6g
* Sodium: – 11mg
* Good bet: You will get all the flavor without the carbs from the rice.
6. CUCUMBER ROLL – [6-8 pieces]
* Calories: 137 per roll
* Fat: 0g
* Protein: 3,5g
* Sodium: – 21mg
* Good bet: The veggies in this roll add tasty, low-cal crunch.
7. CALIFORNIA ROLL – [6-8 pieces]
* Calories: 255 per roll
* Fat: 7g
* Protein: 9g
* Sodium: – 49mg
* This popular, yummy selection is both high in protein and low in fat.
8. Picked Ginger (5 slices)
* Calories: 9
* Fat: 9 g
* Protein: 9 g
* Sodium: 1 g
To add some perspective on this, remember, I did permanently remove 50 pounds almost 8 years ago, so I’d have to say my ‘lost let-it-all-go sushi dinners’ every so often, not very often, didn’t matter in the big picture. Having my sake night off did not send me off onto a 10-year detour.
However, now that I know how many calories are in a shrimp tempura roll, will I ever be able to order one again … at least, without great debate and awareness?
I suspect I will shift to the sashimi side of life – and feel powerful in my knowledge.
NOTE: Sushi is a Japanese food that features individual pieces of raw fish on top of little delicious mounds of vinegar-seasoned rice. Sashimi is simply slices of raw fish (often salmon and tuna).
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