Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

What If Weight Loss Were No Longer an Issue?

Food for thought … Now, just imagine …
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What IF weight loss were no longer an issue?
What WOULD you do with all that time and energy?

How often do you think about your weight?
How often do you think about food?
How important is this issue to you, on a scale from 1 to 10?
How clear are you about this issue?
How motivated are you to resolving this issue?
What impact is this issue having on your life?
What IF weight loss were no longer an issue?
What WOULD you do with all that time and energy?
Please comment below!
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  • Jay Sherman

    What IF weight loss were no longer an issue? – Sweet
    What WOULD you do with all that time and energy? – @ the gym shreddin out..
    How often do you think about your weight? – constantly
    How often do you think about food? – When I need to fuel up.
    How important is this issue to you, on a scale from 1 to 10? 10
    How clear are you about this issue? – crystal
    How motivated are you to resolving this issue? Overly motivated
    What impact is this issue having on your life? – positive and negative.

  • Your Name

    OK, so I’ve been a waitress for thirty years. This has given me countless opportunities to observe people and how they eat. There are a lot of people, all shapes and sizes, who NEVER think about what they are eating. Some people I have served TWO TIMES in one shift! People are great, kind and generous, don’t get me wrong…but their choices! Just once, I would like to give my true opinion when they ask me about the chipped beef gravy on thick white toast…POISON! I would like to say. My (obese, diabetic) husband was talking about the wonderful food at the poker party last night…hoagies, stromboli, buffalo chicken dip with chips…nary a vegetable in sight! My comment? Gee, do they hate you? Thanks for allowing me to rant.

  • Pam

    Well I cannot imagine life without being aware of what I am eating. I would not be able to walk if I ate EVERYTHING I wanted to eat.
    And overcoming or controlling or being aware of the emotional eating is always an issue. If I am not hungry then why am I eating? That is something that is always in my mind.
    So if weight loss were not an issue I guess I would spend all my time making and designing my jewelry.:)

  • Your Name

    This is the question at the fearful bottom of all of my strivings to be whatever kind of evolved. The weight thing is a microcosm of the larger Awakening, and after years of working on these sorts of things, I discovered this lurking question: WHAT THEN? Who/what would I be without this particular constant acceptable issue that defines me in my eyes? Beneath that is low self-esteem: I have no real life, just this silly one, no socially accepted mainstream value, but this challenge is worthy and good and without it, “when” I become a normal, accurate, mindful, aware, intuitive — pick your good adjective — eater what will I do? The concept is less fear-producing now, so I am making progress, but this I think is at the bottom of a lot of “not okay” beliefs that cause all sorts of manifestations.

  • Your Name


  • Your Name

    We work a lot with folks over 50 years old, their legal issues around getting older, and their parents and older friends legal issues about getting older. The top issue for many individuals is health and the top example of health is often tied into a need to lose weight. So much can be accomplished through friendship. Friends can help one another take a pleasant walk, go for a drive in the country and have a picnic, sit by the Hudson River, or Lake Michigan, or the Gulf Coast or Venice Beach, and relax together and have a snack. Appreciation of you and your friend’s continued existence on the planet all the way through today reframes how a persona many regard the experience of eating.The weight changes with the “re-frame”.
    Here’s to many more happy healthy days on the planet with great food.

  • Your Name

    I am more concerned of my weight than eating carbohydrates?of course! Evidently,i am constantly losing weight now,i have stopped eating carb rich foods.I eat fruits and vegetables.I need more work out but it is not consistent,whenever i have the chance that is the only time i exercise.I want to see myself weighing 120 lbs.but i have 30 lbs more to go…but,i look better today than before,my pants were getting loose,i wear my small size t shirts,S is my size now,before
    is L?I have a progress,i believe.But,if i get mad on something,i will
    never care about my weight.I love to eat rather than thinking about
    things that ruins my day at work or in my room.

  • Your Name

    So much of my brain and psychic energy is spent thinking about weight, food, judging myself around over-eating and too much sugar, that I can not imagine where all that thought and energy would go if I stopped thinking – even obsessing – about food and weight!
    And maybe I’ll do an experiment. I’ll get my food prepared for a few days – so I will not need to shop or cook or decide what to eat – and not think about food at all. I can easily prepare chicken breasts, fish, veggies, and fruit slices for 3 days and have them ready to go. Now, not indulging in all the self-talk about weight might be more difficult, but probably worth the effort of telling myself “let’s talk about this Thursday!”
    Yeah, this will be an interesting experiment.

  • Your Name

    Yeah…Thursdays are days for me to work out until Saturdays,also if lucky,i may have time to experiment some other ways to flex my arms and legs,twist my body until i became familiar with the new experiment
    exercise and if still lucky to have more time left before i go to work,i will take a shower to refresh my body,and lastly if i still little more time before i cannot catch the traffic on the freeway,
    i can still bend more of my knees so i will stay sitting at my office for looong time doing my computer job.hmmnn,too much exercise is the
    key to my weight loss,i believe.

  • Kathleen

    Someone told me just this last week that “healthy eating needs to become your/our hobby”… I really liked that idea – not a chore, not a burden … just a hobby … what should we call it??? What should we say…”I have a new hobby”…crafting my meal plans, painting a new outlook. And like any new hobby, we get better at it with practice and we love to talk and share with others that have the same hobby. Anyway, the good news is that this new hobby, in a recession, probably won’t cost us any more $$$ than any other hobby and probably less!

  • Anne

    I need to lose a lot of weight but I try not to obsess over it. I am in Weight Watchers and trying to slowly take the weight off. The weight was put on by a combination of emotional and physical issues (couldn’t walk had to have hip replacement.) I am always working on improving my emotional outlook and self esteem issues and attend therapy. I am trying to eat healthier, more vegetables, lean protein (very little red meat) and less carbohydrates by substituting whole grains as much as possible. Also I am trying to have vegetarian dinners a couple of times a week. But I realize that this has to be on ongoing permanent change. Not something I can do just for a little while. It’s all about finding balance I think. Eventually I hope that weight loss will recede to weight maintenance but I don’t ever see the issue going away.

  • Sue

    I think thinking about one’s weight is the way to get and keep it off. I somewhat unconsciously gained 25 pounds in my late 30s/early 40s…. I actually didn’t mind that much and thought of it as age and perimenopause.
    Well, after I had sky high blood pressure and needed to lose for health reasons, I took off 20 of those pounds over around a year and they’re staying off. I think more about my weight now as a fairly thin person than I did fat. I weigh myself daily (well except during my period), write down what I eat, and cut back a little when I see the scale creep up more than two pounds. This vigilance is keeping my weight down and stable.
    I think about whether something is really worth the calories before I eat it–will I really enjoy this? My appetite has gone down naturally as I slimmed down and I can’t physically hold as much food so I’ve become one of those thin “grazer” folks who eats four or five times a day.
    As far as I’m concerned, thinking more about food and weight is totally worth it as I feel better, look better, have more energy and most importantly dropped my blood pressure from 160/100 to around 130 over mid-high 80s, which my doctor says to monitor but will not require medications.

  • gabbygrl58

    I weigh approx. 147 lbs more than i did when i was 30 and younger, I was always sort of voluptuos, but not fat, and had long wavy dark hair, I think i was fairly attractive, but about 7 years ago i started to lose my hair. I freaked out! I thought I had some weird disease or cancer of the head or something. I was mortified! Even with a decent looking face…Complete baldness within a year and loss of eyebrows, eyelashes, all body hair, OMG and being overweight and depressed, my only outside asset, my nice hair was all gone, I looked like Uncle Fester of the Addams Family…scare myself in the mirror. Went to the doctor, he said its an auto-immune disorder; Alopecia Areata. Usually has a juvenile onset. No know cause, no known cure, just plain mysterious. Well, about 2 -3 years ago, some soft hair started growing back & now its about 10-12″ long, but very thin, and i still have some bald spots,(that I hide well). Long story short- I’m so very thankful that i did not have cancer, and it humbled me, and i’m greatful for my new hair, and i dont think i’ll cut it. and now i’m 51 and have beautiful grandkids, and i try to eat healthy whole foods, but still have “cheat” days, BUT it does slowly change your habits, and i actually lost 13 lbs from 6 months ago according to the Doc’s scale. So i’m learning to be happy and like me for me, with Gods patience & help.

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