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Here’s what Kick in the Tush Club member, Nathanne, has to say about Dr. Laura and “her horrible attitude toward overweight people.” (She was inspired to speak out by last week’s post “Governor Paterson Declares War!”
Dear Janice ~ The war I want to declare is on Dr. Laura for her horrible attitude toward overweight people. A lady called, was married a long time, gained 40 lbs. after having kids, and her husband says he is not attracted to her anymore because she’s overweight. The husband is no hunk anymore, also overweight, bald and cranky. So what does the great Dr. Laura say to this poor woman? In her all time bitchiest voice she said, “Your husband deserves a thin wife, not some flabby wife who let herself go.” The woman was so browbeaten she just started crying, and didn’t yell back.
I got so mad I wrote Dr. Laura an email. I told her that this woman had the body that gave her husband kids, made a home for him, and was there for him through thick and thin. He had some nerve throwing her to the curb just because she gained some weight. Mother Nature throws some real curve balls at women when they have kids, or just get older. I sent Dr. Laura the link to the article about how mammals store fat, and I reminded her that not all of us have a personal trainer and personal chef like she does.
I also told her my daughter is a registered dietitian who has lost 80 lbs. over 10 years, and it’s the hardest thing she ever had to do. And the weight always threatens to creep back so she has to be super vigilant all the time, and exercise like crazy. It takes Knowledge and Kindness to help people with their weight, and since Dr. Laura has neither, she is not in any position to give advice about losing weight. When people call her about legal problems, she’s real humble, tells them to go to a lawyer. But she thinks she can dish out advice about losing weight when she has no expertise at all in nutrition and dietetics. Same goes for Gov. Paterson…what a dumb thing for him to say.
I haven’t heard from her, and I probably never will. Which is fine by me. I just want her to watch her big mouth.
After I read your “Governor Paterson Declares War” column. I decided to tell you about it. Thanks for reading my rant. ~ Nathanne
Dear Nathanne ~ I am going to do some investigative reporting on this. You said it all! Thank YOU for your brilliant ‘rant.’ ~ Janice
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