Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Dr. Laura: Mean-Spirited; Anti-Fat

Here’s what Kick in the Tush Club member, Nathanne, has to say about Dr. Laura and “her horrible attitude toward overweight people.” (She was inspired to speak out by last week’s post “Governor Paterson Declares War!”
Dear Janice ~ The war I want to declare is on Dr. Laura for her horrible attitude toward overweight people. A lady called, was married a long time, gained 40 lbs. after having kids, and her husband says he is not attracted to her anymore because she’s overweight. The husband is no hunk anymore, also overweight, bald and cranky. So what does the great Dr. Laura say to this poor woman? In her all time bitchiest voice she said, “Your husband deserves a thin wife, not some flabby wife who let herself go.” The woman was so browbeaten she just started crying, and didn’t yell back.
I got so mad I wrote Dr. Laura an email. I told her that this woman had the body that gave her husband kids, made a home for him, and was there for him through thick and thin. He had some nerve throwing her to the curb just because she gained some weight. Mother Nature throws some real curve balls at women when they have kids, or just get older. I sent Dr. Laura the link to the article about how mammals store fat, and I reminded her that not all of us have a personal trainer and personal chef like she does.
I also told her my daughter is a registered dietitian who has lost 80 lbs. over 10 years, and it’s the hardest thing she ever had to do. And the weight always threatens to creep back so she has to be super vigilant all the time, and exercise like crazy. It takes Knowledge and Kindness to help people with their weight, and since Dr. Laura has neither, she is not in any position to give advice about losing weight. When people call her about legal problems, she’s real humble, tells them to go to a lawyer. But she thinks she can dish out advice about losing weight when she has no expertise at all in nutrition and dietetics. Same goes for Gov. Paterson…what a dumb thing for him to say.
I haven’t heard from her, and I probably never will. Which is fine by me. I just want her to watch her big mouth.
After I read your “Governor Paterson Declares War” column. I decided to tell you about it. Thanks for reading my rant. ~ Nathanne
Dear Nathanne ~ I am going to do some investigative reporting on this. You said it all! Thank YOU for your brilliant ‘rant.’ ~ Janice
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  • Elle

    I’ve tuned out Dr. Laura almost from the beginning of her career. She lacks basic understanding and empathy; she seems to be arrogant and self-serivng, certainly not traits I would look for in anyone giving me advice. Tough love is one thing, mean-spirited belittling is most certainly another.

  • Your Name

    Hi Janice, I wrote an email to Dr. Laura, very politely commenting on her attitude toward overweight callers to her show. She never answered me. And she yelled at another woman about her weight, and I mean yelled. I have documented research showing that the best medical minds are studying the causes of overeating, and have come up with some interesting conclusions. No, Dr. Laura, it isn’t always about indulging in high caloric food. No, Dr. Laura, it isn’t a character flaw when you are overweight. Our culture worships thin people, and if you are lucky enough to have fewer fat cells you are just plain lucky. You have no specific training in dietetics or nutrition. The field has changed a lot in the 40 years since you got your PhD. in physiology. Did you know that pregnant women make extra fat cells when they are pregnant? Yes. And it is not from eating more. It’s from hormones. So be a professional, send your callers to licenced dietitians at medical centers where their weight issues can be addressed in a knowledgable way. Dr. Laura you are a public figure, and never hesitate to make snide, bullying comments to your callers. You need a thicker hide if you insult people who call your show. What goes around comes around, and as far as I can tell your callers get what they pay for. You figure it out.

  • justamom

    Delivery……it is always in the delivery. I think that Dr. Laura is intelligent enough to figure that out. Her attitute of superiority is also definately a real downer.

  • Your Name

    I’ve struggled with my weight all my life and my husband has seen what hormones, kids, etc. do to you. Even when I was at my fattest (45 pounds ago thanks to OLofWL!)he told me, “You are still one hot mama!” It really helps to have support, not ridicule. Anyone who’s REALLY trying to help knows that.

  • Your Name

    I am a 48 year mother of two and soon to be a grandmother of two also. I have in the last two years managed to lose around 50 pounds on my own. I don’t have the money for diets or other programs that some might. I have been a single mom for the last 23 years and my youngest who is the one having the second child (well actually his wife is) is going to be 24 in December if that tells you anything. I was just wondering if anyone out there has suggestions on how to keep the weight off that’s what I have the most problem with not losing it so much but keeping it off.

  • Gretchen

    I haven’t listened to Dr. Laura in years, and I won’t.
    What an insensitive witch! (Keeping it clean :} )
    I found her comments like: “I Am My Kids Mom” patronizing and annoying.
    I did what I had to do after the birth of my first child, and as a result suffered the worst depression of my life. Of course, Dr. Laura’s solution is to just be a stay at home Mom. I couldn’t do that for various reasons, and had a decision to make. Do I wait until the situation is ideal and possibly be too old to have children, or do I have one at 31 and live with the choice.
    I had no idea my choice would almost cost me my sanity.
    Dr. Laura’s advice just made me feel even more like a failure and more depressed.

  • Kim

    I am not sure why all of this anger is directed towards Dr. Laura for being honest. I am overweight. I weigh 220lbs. To make it worse, I am also a personal trainer. I have hypothyroidism and I have to deal with insulin resistance. But! I still know that any extra weight I am carrying around is because my calorie input/output isn’t what it should be. That is it! The minute you start making excuses and directing anger at someone else is the minute you start losing the weight game. You just might as well be honest with yourself. Sugar coating it isn’t going to make it any healthier.

  • Your Name

    I am a daily listener to Dr. Laura! I see her as a relationship expert and her shows as free advice we can all use. I am an overweight mother of many children (as Catholics don’t do birth control!), but I wear my weight well and love it. The judgements that Dr. Laura casts on overweight women are only slight annoyances to me. She also lacks compassion and empathy for people, and has a tendency to brag about herself. But, why not! I can overlook these qualities about a brilliant minded woman and take what I can use for my life, because I like being me and it really doesn’t matter what another thinks.

  • Your Name

    I too, listen to the Dr Laura show, though Im single (no kids) and in my 40’s-Im sure she wouldnt have much to say to me-I cant help but feel very bad for some of the people who call in who have real problems and probably think Dr Laura will be straight with them and have the best advice.
    Stop,consider and recognize this before you call/write to her expecting advice from a great modern day guru with expertise on everything or her to be sympathetic:
    that her comments are not only those you can expect from a steroid laden guy but borderline on the side of verbal abuse and just because she says it, doesnt make it true. And just because she has a PHD behind her name and has written books doesnt make her an expert on everything.
    Google Laura and do a little research on her past, if nothing else but so you can bring her down off the pedistal that you’ve placed her on. shes just a person and a rich one with too much time on her hands. nothing special, except in her own mind.
    You’d be better off getting some real counseling where someone would let you talk for more than 1 minute, not interrupt you constantly and not berate you because you have gained weight or are having trouble with your mother in law.
    Above all, dont let her bring you to tears. ever. shes not all that.
    what stuck out to me, was when she told one caller that she was not her friend.
    that says it all to me.

  • Your Name

    I also find it curious that she discourages people from following a certain career path because that will take them away from family. For example, she says doctor ( she does have an issues with doctors) should think twice about having children because of long hours at work, being on-call, etc. Mind you, they’ll be in the same city. BUT her views change dramatically when young fathers want to join the military and go on tour for months (really, yrs.) and may not even come back. Kudos to those defending our freedom. Why the double standard ‘Doc’?

  • Mary Hart

    Dr Laura actually is somewhat of an expert in weight control, she is 60 plus years old and has an amazing body. And as she says there is no magic to weight loss, it is simply eating less and moving more. People who do that will lose weight. I don’t think people progress when they are being pampered, they need to know the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. But we have a pampered society and it is ruining our nation and our health, people need to take responsibility for their actions and then they can progress.

  • Mominamerica

    One of these days, truth will be told about Dr. Laura. She has some good advice but she certainly cannot say she’s followed it all. Dr. Laura, to me, has fallen into the same category as Rush Limbaugh; she controls the talk or the talk won’t be had. To my knowledge, she’s not even a Dr. Do research her past and don’t look at her as God because she is not. And she talks so about cowards yet she’s one of the biggest! Anybody who cannot tolerate a different opinion, a debate, or even other responses to a blog, well…they have issues.

  • oregon111

    Dr L is mean, mean, mean!
    She always slaps down the caller, every time.
    I’ll bet any amount of $$$ that if the other person called in, she would switch her position on the topic just so she could berate that person.
    Here is what you should do…
    Call in and take the ‘other side’ of your issue.
    Dr L will tell you to do the opposite of what she thinks you want to hear.
    Are you getting this?
    You will then trick her into taking your side.

  • Calotren

    This is an interesting post. Health Supplements can be taken regularly along with plenty of fruits and vegetables. But the effects can be observed over a long period of time. It is pointless to expect the results to be obvious within a few days of taking the drug. The best thing about Calotren are that it makes fat-loss a completely natural process. You have to take healthy food and exercise a lot besides taking Calotren.

  • Earline Ware

    If only more than 91 people would read about this!

  • Copykat

    I listen to Dr Laura and I wonder if she has ever had a weight problem. Her solutions are simple less calories in than are expended. She makes it sound so easy, it isn’t.

  • Trixiebelle

    I can assure you that Dr. Laura is anorexic.

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