Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Financial Crisis Aside: The Power of the Presidential Smile

I watched the President’s address last night and wow! I could not help but to be positively and happily affected by all the infectious smiles from both sides of the aisle – in particular both President Obama’s smile and Vice President Biden’s smile.
Did you know that one of the best things you can do for yourself and for everyone around you is to smile? Smiling brings oxygen to your brain, immediately makes you feel better, and sends out comforting messages to others. (Last night’s speech was comforting, wasn’t it?) Smiling pulls people in nice and close.
A true smile comes from genuine pleasure. Two sets of facial muscles are used to create this smile. The first set is in the cheeks that pull up the corners of the mouth; the second set is around the eyes. These muscles cause the eyes to narrow and crinkle.
Smiling can make you look like an inviting, accepting, likable and pleasant person (even if you’re not). When you first meet someone, if you don’t smile that person is likely to think that you’re not interested in or attracted to them. They may even think you are a cold potato. So, even if you’re feeling blue or simply not in the mood to smile, do yourself a favor – smile anyway. Fake it until you make it!
The health benefits of smiling are plentiful.
Smiling …
-increases the production of endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin, a hormone that regulates your mood;
-boosts your immune system and increases the number and activity of -antibodies that fight infection;
-lowers your blood pressure;
-helps you to relax;
-relieves stress;
-enhances respiratory function;
-exercises 15-26 facial muscles;
-makes you look younger as it lifts the face; and
-fires up various parts of the brain!
More fabulous facts about smiling that are sure to make you smile ~
– 72% of people think that those who smile frequently are confident and successful;
– 86% of people are more likely to talk to strangers if they are smiling;
– bosses are 12% more likely to promote people who smile a lot;
– research shows that 65% of communication is non-verbal (some say even higher); and
– studies show that happiness is a by-product of smiling, not that those who are happy smile as most people assume.
Side Note: “In ancient China, the Taoists taught that a constant inner smile, a smile to oneself, insured health, happiness and longevity. Why? Smiling to yourself is like basking in love: you become your own best friend. Living with an inner smile is to live in harmony with yourself.” -Mantak Chia
The simple act of smiling can change your day.
Spread the happy word … NOT the icing!
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  • Renee Drew

    I smile to show off the smile that I earned after wearing braces for two and a half years. My Daddy paid a lot of money to get that smile, so in honor of him and my orthodontists I smile! I always wear my seat belt for the simple fact that I wore braces too long to pur this smile through a windshield. And oh yeah, it’s the law! :)

  • pam janashak

    i loved reading what you wrote about smiling…i try to smile at people i know and strangers all the time..i think it does make people feel better..but as far as our President..i hope he does more than smile…i think our country treats him too much like a celebrity ….he needs to prove far i’m not convinced!!i hope that i’m wrong..

  • Your Name

    I agree that smiling is great! However, with any smiling politician, I’m reminded of the saying, “Smile- it will make everyone wonder what you’ve been up to!”

  • Patricia R

    You’ve got to be kidding?
    I agree that smiling is important to how you feel and the message you send to others. But, please save the Obama comments.

  • Nitebug

    I love smiling and glad to read that it’s is good for me.In a world of negativity that I admit gets me mad,I try to think of happy moments and funny things that put a smile on my face and/or makes me laugh.

  • Donna

    Please do leave Obama out of this. He makes me frown. He is everything that I am against and has lied to the American people. He is very decieving. Both sides of the aisle were not smiling. When will you people wake up and see what is happening to America and it’s morals! Not everyone is smiling. I am sick of him being held up like a God!

  • Your Name

    I wish that people would stop downing our new president! They need to give him a chance and think positive until they know what is going on. Republicans always hold a grudge, democrats forgive and forget! That is why I am a democrat. They care more about people, republicans care more about money!
    I would much rather see a smiling president, gives you a feeling of positiveness, a frowning president gives negative vibes. That is just how I feel. Thanks for the oportunity to voice my opinion, Judy in Md.

  • Gwen

    Of course our new president is smiling. He has managed to break the rules, fool the people and still become president. He never produced solid evidence that he is a valid US citizen and meets the requirements for becoming president. He was born in Africa according to his grandmother who was there (NOT Hawaii as he claimed)….his father was not a US citizen & Barak had to be a citizen of Indonesia to have been schooled there. When asked for proof od US citizenship he produced a “certificate of live birth” (obtainable by one person’s say so)instead of a real birth certificate. And nobody dared to bring up any kind of opposition because his supporters screamed ‘racism’ even though race has nothing to do with his not producing valid documentation. He pulled a fast one…..of course he is smiling…..a politician’s smile.

  • Your Name

    I agree with “Your Name”! This article is about ‘Smiling’ not being ‘NEGATIVE’! As in the Bible- What is in your thoughts/words is what you receive in life. Negativity breeds a negative life and smiling brings happiness and peace in your life. Try smiling and give us all a brighter life!

  • Your Name

    Geez-All you said was he had a nice smile. I believe the new president does have a nice smile. Have you ever seen a bank robber with a nice smile? I have not. A smile comes from the heart…that is what makes it sincere and the best that there is. Walking down the street the other day, a woman was passing me by. I was a little hesitant to smile. Nowadays people rarley even say Hello!!! I saw that the other person was hesitant to. Then I thought to myself…geez it is just a smile so I smiled anyway & at the same time the woman smiled, too. It really made me feel good & made my day. I think she was happy too. Isn’t it nice to be happy & not be afraid to smile??? (let’s hope the new president keeps smiling!).

  • Gail

    I agree with Donna. Remember almost 50% of us didn’t vote for Obama and are totally disgusted with the direction our country is going since Obama was elected. Of course Obama and Biden are smiling, they are getting their dream of a socialist USA.

  • Your Name

    Whoa!! Hold on! Did anyone see #43 (Mr. Bush) or Mr. Cheney, actually give us a generous and genuine smile?? I guess we’ve forgiven our former President (and cabinet)for what we have and are going through right now ? The Republican Party has alot to hide and sooner or later, the New Obama Administration will uncover ALL that was done in the darkness. I am relieved that I voted for change, not only in the States, but world-wide! At least I can say that I don’t need a ‘third world’ dictionary to decipher what #43 & co. were trying (not) to say!! Smile On!!

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